Apple Music For Artists - What does it do?

13 Aug 2019

It’s been a big week for artists wanting to access their streaming information and performance on Apple Music. We’ve packaged up some of the changes below for you. Take a look. 


Apple Music has just opened ‘Apple Music for Artists’ up for general use. Exclusive to iOS, ‘Apple Music for Artists’ has been in beta since 2018 and was launched with both a desktop and mobile app as their response to 'Sportify for Artists'.

Boasting several features, ‘Apple Music for Artists’ allows you to track a song or album’s performance according to:

  • Playlist adds

  • Music video views

  • Location

  • Demographics

By diving into the playlist information you can track which playlists are driving your streams as well as your songs playlist position. Apple have also included a feature to see how many streams your songs are getting weekly as well as tracking the first week’s performance compared to previous releases.


Tracking where your songs are popular is also easier due to ‘Apple Music for Artists’ integration with Shazam. With ‘Shazam Insights’ and streaming information being pulled from over 100 countries into Apple Music for Artists, you can also tailor touring setlists to songs that are popular in each city. This also helps give you an idea on which songs are best to push in different places. However, due to Apple’s privacy policy, you can’t cross reference these factors and find info such as how many Tamworth millenials are listening to your releases.

Alongside ‘Spotify for Artists’, ‘Apple Music for Artists’ will also send you notifications about milestones and streaming spikes. Alerting you when you reach achievements, such as getting to one million streams, along with streaming spikes according to location and adds to Apple Music playlists, ‘Apple Music for Artists’ gives you all the tools you need to track a releases success and learn from your mistakes.

Not signed up to Apple Music for artists yet? Check it out HERE

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