Video Premieres: Facebook VS. Youtube

21 Aug 2019

Which channel works best for you and your fans?

There’s a new option available to artists now where you can premiere your new video release either via Youtube or Facebook. Ideally, it would be great to use both depending on your audiences and what works better for you. But we’ve done the hard work for you to have a look at both platforms and see what the differences are and which one could be better overall.

What exactly is a video premiere?

A video premiere is a way for you and your fans to experience the video showing together, all at the same time no matter where in the world you are. It functions almost like you would if you pre-saved a song on Spotify.  Basically, it's a personalised and more intimate way to promote your video and provides your fans with updates and notifications, and it connects you directly with your fans in real time - how good!

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A guide on how to premiere your video on YouTube:

  • When to premiere.You should have a look at your current social media channels and see what times you get the most engagement from your audiences.

  • Schedule the premiere. You can find out more info here

  • Tell your followers when you’re premiering. Post a link to direct them to the premiere’s watch page, ask fans to click through to set a reminder. Make sure you only mention the date as YouTube will automatically adjust it to their correct time zone (makes your life easier!)

  • Notify people via email. By now you should already have a mailing list to keep your fans up to date on your latest updates, and well, your next video premier on YouTube (or Facebook)!

  • Post on your YouTube channel’s community page. Let your subscribers know.

  • Create a Facebook event. Invite your friends, family and as many people as you like!

  • Countdown leading up to the premiere on social media. You should be engaging constantly with your followers on your social media pages. Whether it be Insta, FB, Twitter - it's a great way to hype up your followers and let them know how long it is ‘till your release

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When your video premiere you'll have a live chat where you can engage with your viewers. It’s a great tool for them to ask you questions, for you to do further promos etc. And once the premiere is over, it will sit in your videos like any other YouTube video upload.

How to premiere your video via Facebook:

So, the previous steps were a combination of both YouTube and Facebook i.e. promoting via your socials and also creating an invite, so it makes you wonder why not just use Facebook entirely?

You would think that your personal Facebook account + Your Artist Page = larger engagement and range of audiences. But that may not be entirely the case.

The checklist works pretty much the same as above, with a few differences:

  • Once you create the Facebook event and invite people, you will instead have to post a link to video premiere in the FB event, as opposed to directly being able to invite people to the video premiere link as you would via YouTube.

  • Live chat will appear much similar to a Facebook post thread, with the addition of little green bubbles advising you when people have joined the video premiere

  • Once the video has premiered it will be on the Facebook Watch thread rotation, helping more people discover your videos

“Premieres is an easy way to build anticipation and excitement when releasing a new video, unlocking features previously exclusive to live streams. With a simple click of a button, Premieres helps you to better engage with your audience for the debut of your newest video.” -YouTube

Here are some more tips for your next video premiere and how to connect with your audience:

  • Have a plan and timeline: Pre-premiere, during and after!

  • If you are premiering a video, hype the release with some teasers prior to gather more viewers for the premiere

  • Diversify your type of content: Q&A videos with fans, Behind the Scenes, Teaser videos, Sampler video, vlog, etc. BE CREATIVE.

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  •  Use the comments as a source of inspiration to create fans video. Reply to comments. Shoutout to fans.

  • You could premiere on both! It will give you the widest scope of audiences and engagement.

  • But also have an idea of your audience and what platforms are favoured. YouTube might work for some, but Facebook could work for others, it's really up to you on how you want to reach your fans

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