5 Things You Could Be Doing To Optimise Your Artist YouTube Profile

01 Oct 2019

YouTube isn’t just a place to upload your music videos - it can be an absolute game changer when it comes to promoting yourself and your music. We’ve compiled five simple things you can do to optimise your artist YouTube profile. Also, if you haven’t already checked out YouTube for Artists, get around it here. : https://artists.youtube.com/


YouTube offers users multiple opportunities to personalise your channel - this can help make your channel feel like a destination, rather than a portal. Choose a good (and relevant) channel name, upload an interesting banner and icon and film a channel trailer. You should also consider listing ‘featured channels’ - these can be other artists that you work with, are inspired by, or wish to cross promote. Find out about the specifics here. 



Video descriptions aren't the only place to plug your website. ‘Cards’ are simple and versatile pop-ups that you can add to your videos to drive viewers to a specific link. Make the most of this feature by telling viewers where they can buy tickets to your tour, or where they can purchase your merch. Make sure you don’t get too carried away - you don’t want to distract from the video itself. You can find more information on Cards here





The ‘Community’ tab on your YouTube account is a simple and fun way to engage with your audience. You can post polls, pictures or GIFS and your followers can comment, like and vote. Actively commenting, liking and subscribing to other channels will help your content pop up in the ‘suggested’ column, or users can be driven to your channel after reading the comment you left on one of their favourite videos. It’s all about being active and accessible. More info on community posts is listed here



Playlists provide a simple way to organise your videos and an easy way for your fans to consume more of them. Use playlists to sort the videos on your channels into appropriate categories - such as covers, live performances or music videos. YouTube allows you to give each playlist a description - so make sure you take advantage of this feature. To find out more about playlists and how they can benefit your channel, click here. 



Perhaps the most useful feature, YouTube Analytics allows you to explore the reach, engagement, audience and revenue of your channel. You can see these analytics at a channel or video level and group videos to see how they compare. Use these features to see what content your viewers engage with the most and help your figure out what you should upload next. To read up on the basics of YouTube analytics, visit here.




When harnessed correctly, the above tips will make your YouTube profile a major promotional tool. Remember to remain active, accessible and pay attention to your analytics!