What is Bandsintown for Artists and what can it do for you?

10 Oct 2019

As an artist, you have probably used Bandsintown in the past to promote your gigs. The digital platform has 50 million worldwide registered users and performs a variety of marketing functions such as geo-targeted alerts and promotions across Amazon Alexa, Google, Facebook, Instagram and more. 

These features used to be accessed through an artist’s ‘Bandsintown Manager’ account but a recent facelift to the platform sees this replaced with ‘Bandsintown for Artists’. A swag of new features have been released alongside the new title, making it easier than ever for artists like you to grow their brand and connect with fans.

Key additions include:

  • Artist Services section displaying discounts & offers from industry leaders such as Feature.FM
  • Ability to schedule posts to trackers ahead of time
  • Analytics on artist’s posts in real time
  • Daily blogs on important industry news and helpful tips 

It almost sounds too good to be true but isn’t. This is a free service and all you need to do to access the complete assortment of features is register as an artist on Bandsintown.comHere are some tips to make the most of your Bandsintown experience!

Sync your website with your Bandsintown account:

Bandsintown have made cross-platform integration simple with their 'Events Widgets'. This process is completely customisable so you can find a style you like!



Sync with Facebook:

There is less customisation here than with your website, but it is still a fantastic way to reduce effort and maximise consistency as events are automatically updated. Install the Bandsintown Tour Dates tab on your FB events page and watch as you generate more attention and convert followers into trackers.



Communicate with your fans:

This is the best way to let fans know how much you love them. Share photos, teasers, merchandise and other exclusive content to your followers through mobile notifications and emails. You can even encourage fans who have RSVP'd to grab tickets before it's too late.



Learn more about your audience with real-time analytics:

This may not be the most interesting feature for a creative but it is a great opportunity to get real data on what makes your audience tick with information on engagement habits, interests, location and demographics. This is a win-win situation since you can be more intuitive towards what your fans want to see, creating a better experience for them and more satisfied customers for you. 



Think that Bandsintown sounds amazing and want to check it out for yourself? Then just follow this follow this link!