Updating Your Release Once You've Submitted It

23 Oct 2019

If you’ve hit that submit button on your release only to realise you need to change something - don’t stress! Our friendly GYRO team is here to help. Whilst you can’t make any changes through your dashboard after you have submitted a release to us, we can make updates if you contact us and let us know. We’ve outlined a few points to keep the process quick and stress-free. 

1. Send an email to support@gyrostream.com or place a message via our website - the form can be found at the bottom of your artist dashboard. Make sure you log into your account, pick the relevant issue and include the release name of the product you’d like to update. 

2. While the GYRO team generally responds within 24 hours, release date and metadata changes can take up to four days to finalise. So make sure you get in touch as soon as possible and with plenty of time to make the changes before your release. 

3. Please be specific and tell us the type of metadata or asset changes you’d like us to make. This could include a change of release dates, song titles, artist name, cover art, additional songwriting credits, copyright lines (also known as c & p lines), and even audio master.

4. To streamline the process, please clearly dot point your request.

5. Unfortunately we cannot change the order of tracks on an EP or album, or change track ISRCs without re-uploading an entirely new album or single. 

6. Remember to check your MY CATALOGUE page to view all the details of your release and even access your audio file!


If you follow these steps, we’ll have your release updated and ready for release in no time!