Our Feature Album for February | Georgia Fair 'the world's awake'

05 Feb 2020

Georgia Fair are back with the release of their long-awaited third LP 'the world's awake', which we are proud to present as our February feature album!

Sydney duo Georgia Fair have been making music together since they were thirteen years old. With a decade worth of impressive release, including two EPs and now three albums.

Their new alternative/folk release boasts 9 tracks of pure melancholic pleasure, and will have you weaving through haunting, poigant, atmospheric soundscapes.The powerful vocals and reflective instrumentals lay the foundation for imagery constantly being built upon throughout the album.

The album begins with '(k)no(w) way out' and ends with '(k)no(w) way out ii', interwining and rounding out the album, essentially binding the story within the hardcover of a noval.The punchy and portentous tracks 'Bloodline' and 'slave to nothin', display the rolling symmertry evident throughout the body of work.

Not only are they stellar musicians, they're also top blokes, announcing that they will be donating 20% of their bandcamp sales from the new album to WIRES Wildlife Rescue in light of the ongoing bushfire crisis.

the world’s awake is the perfect album to get completely lost in and comes out this Friday, 7 Feburary 2020. Stream it here.