MONEY MATTERS: Funding sources for artists

17 Mar 2020

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Let’s discuss everyone’s favourite subject - money. 

It’s a classic tale, right? Musicians never have enough of it, and, as a result, plan their releases on a shoestring budget. Thankfully, GYRO HQ has some good news... there are a whole bunch of funding sources that artists can and should take advantage of to get some decent funding behind their next career move. Read on and be enlightened!

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There are a few funding sources that cover Australia nationally which each artist should be across. In particular, check out the following opportunities from the Australia Council For The Arts and Sidney Myer Foundation to see if they’d be right for you!

  • Australia Council For The Arts:

    • Career Development Grants for Individuals and Groups: giving between $5,000 and $25,000 to individual artists to develop their skills or improve their capacity to build an enduring career.

    • Arts Projects for Individuals and Groups: between $10,000 and $50,000 for <3 year projects that will deliver benefits to the arts sector and wider public, including national and international audiences.

    • Arts Projects - Organisations: between $10,000 and $100,000 to support organisations whose work delivers benefits to the arts sector and wider public, including national and international audiences.

    • Fellowships: $80,000 to support  outstanding, established artists’ creative activity and professional development for a period of up to two years.

    • Contemporary Music Touring Program: a variety of funding amounts to support acts performing original Australian contemporary music to tour nationally.​

  • Sidey Myer’s Creative Fellowships tax-free grants of $160,000 over two years to individual artists, arts managers and thought leaders in the humanities.

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Queenslanders out there! Be sure to check out the State Government’s funding opportunities below. Also, ArtsQueensland has a whole bunch of great resources for applying for funding here!

  • Queensland Arts and Showcase Program: three funding streams to support individuals, organisations or collectives deliver vibrant and accessible arts and cultural experiences for Queensland.

    • Arts Ignite: up to $60,000 for new works, and up to $40,000 and in-kind venue support for programs to be held at Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts (JWCoCA)

    • Arts Illuminate: up to $100,000 to secure acclaimed national and internationally renowned artists that will engage the community and build local capacity.

    • Arts Impact: up to $60,000 for diverse arts and cultural experiences for Queensland.

  • QLD State Government’s Individuals Fund:  up to $10,000 for artists (emerging and established) to propel artists’ careers forward, recognise outstanding individuals and fast track their development.

Image result for new south wales            NEW SOUTH WALES

There’s a great selection of grants available for New South Wales residents too! From Sydneysiders to regional residents, there may be something for you.

  • City of Sydney cultural and creative grants and sponsorships: funding to provide opportunities for creative participation, enhance creativity in the public domain and strengthen Sydney’s creative and cultural industries.

  • Create NSW’s Small Project Grants (Quick Response) to enable artists to attend or participate in outstanding time-sensitive opportunities to build their capacity and skills.

  • Regional Arts NSW’s Quick Response Grants provide up to $1,500 to enable regional artists, communities or organisations to take advantage of unplanned, short notice professional/skills development opportunities.

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Victoria certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to providing funding opportunities for artists, with local councils offering location-specific options depending on where you live!

  • Music Victoria’s Live Music Professionals Program is a business coaching program aimed at enabling small-to-medium, Victorian live music businesses to succeed.

  • City of Port Phillip’s Cultural Development Fund - Projects aims to assist and encourage artists and related organisations to realise creative projects.

  • Darebin City Council’s FUSE Fund provides a variety of funding amounts to support the presentation of great quality arts projects and events by Darebin-based artists and community organisations.

  • City of Yarra’s Small Project Grants are quick response grants that provide between $100 and $1,000 for community groups and artists running projects in Yarra.

  • City of Greater Geelong’s Creative Communities Quick Response grants - Groups provides up to $1,500 to support urgent arts, culture and heritage projects.

  • City of Greater Geelong’s Creative Communities Professional Development - Individual grants provides up to $1,000 to support individuals to attend selected professional and skill development opportunities.

  • Regional Arts Victoria Quick Response Grant program to supply up to $3,000 (for organisations) and $1,500 (for individuals) to  be responsive to exceptional cultural opportunities or creative recovery projects (in areas impacted by the Victorian bushfires in 2019 and 2020).

Image result for western australia            WESTERN AUSTRALIA

Like QLD, the WA Government has a wide variety of programs designed to support artists at all stages of their careers. There are provisions for established artists as well as emerging, large projects as well as small and city-based musicians as well as regional ones.

  • WA Government’s Arts 15k-plus program offers between $15,000 and $60,000 funding for artists, creative industry professionals and organisations to deliver a one-off project or a program of activity.

  • WA Government’s Arts U-15k program offers up to $15,000 for artists and creative industry professionals to deliver a one-off project or a program of activity.

  • WA Government’s Playing WA program gives up to $120,000 to assist performing arts shows to tour regional and remote Western Australia.

  • Regional Arts WA’s Regional Arts Project Fund provides up to $15,000 (for individuals) and up to $30,000 (for organisations) to support promote participation in, and access to, arts and culture.

  • Regional Arts WA’s Regional Arts Fund: Quick Response Grants provide up to $2,000 (for individuals) or $4,000 (for organisations) to take up last minute  professional development opportunities or small arts projects.

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South Australian musicians have the benefit of plenty of funding sources from both the Music Development Office and Country Arts SA (for regional artists).

  • Music Development Office’s Contemporary Music Programs offer separate grants for Artist and Industry Development to provide development pathways for South Australian artists and industry representatives.

  • Music Development Office’s RAMP (Regional Accelerator Music Program) provides a series of opportunities to support regional musicians and live music activities. 

  • Country Arts SA Step Out Grant - Regional Arts Fund offering up to $10,000 (for individuals) or $25,000 (for organisations) to support regional, remote and very remote artists to create high quality and diverse arts projects.

  • Country Arts SA Skills Development Grant offers up to $3,000 for individual artists, community groups or organisations to undertake projects in any art form for skill or project development.

  • Country Arts SA Quick Response Grant - Regional Arts Fund offers up to $1,500 (individuals) or $3,000 (organisations) for regional artists to access short-notice professional development opportunities.

Image result for australian capital territory            AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY

Artists based in the ACT should familiarise themselves with the work of ArtsACT, who themselves have one particularly excellent grants program open year-round for application.

  • ArtsACT all-year grants provide up to $5,000 (for smaller projects) or between $5,000 and $50,000 (for larger projects) to help artists initiate a broad range of activities.

Image result for nothern territory            NORTHERN TERRITORY

The Northern Territory Government also has no qualms about putting some serious cash behind their music scene, with specific grants aimed to support projects as well as artist development.

  • NT Government’s Strategic Project Grants offer two categories of funding ($25,000 and $100,000 respectively) to support the delivery of strategic arts projects.

  • NT Government’s Arts Project Grants offer up to $20,000 for arts projects or up to $15,000 for emerging artists to develop new work, showcase or upskill.

Image result for tasmania map            TASMANIA

If you're in Tassy you'll want to click over to Arts Tasmina where you'll find a heap of excellent grant progams for professional artists, business and organisations.


Of course, while the first challenge is always finding the funding opportunities, the next is successfully applying and receiving them! For help with this, feel free to check out the following guides from ArtsQueensland or get in touch with the GYROstream team so we can get you in touch with our recommended Grant Writer who’ll improve your chances of success.