Why release music during COVID-19

01 Apr 2020

With the world in a bit of a tailspin, we’ve decided to look at the glass half full and outline why you SHOULD be releasing music during the COVID-19 pandemic. #CreateDontWait

Now if you’re thinking, “Release music now, are you crazy?” it's completely understandable. But being locked inside doesn't have to be all bad.. Let's have a look at how you as an artist can make the most of this situation to; build your audience fanbase, further develop your relationship with your listeners, and get your music in front of more people who need it!

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Check out the video below and help inspire our community to keep creating through this time of isolation! Share your current projects, makeshift studios or your creative writing with us and lets make sure "we have a sh!t load of music to put out to the world" Nathan Cavaleri 💚🥁

For more details on how you can get involved or to send through your video, send ur DM or email pr@gyrostream.com #Gyrostream #GetYourRecordOut


The majority of social gatherings have been suspended or cancelled in Australia and worldwide. Paired with the recent suggestion from the World Health Organisation https://www.who.int/ to stay home and implement social distancing, people (like us) are hungry for content and are looking for new experiences digitally. This presents the opportunity for you to distribute your music to an active and tuned in consumer base. Never has there been a situation where your fans have the free time they do now to engage with and celebrate your music. Use this to your advantage and get your music in front of people that usually wouldn’t have the time of day!

Check out this great read from The Industry Observer: https://theindustryobserver.thebrag.com/australia-streaming-market-holds-us-decline-music-plays-coronavirus-outbreak/ which includes radio consumption being boosted through online means such as apps and more! 



Once you release your music, actively engage with your audience in ways that you previously didn’t have time for. The importance of an "artist to audience" relationship has increased dramatically through the impact of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter. Use this time to create engaging content inspired by your work and pioneer new, creative way to promote your music. Artists around the world such as Hayden James, Diplo and more have been utilising Instagram’s and Youtube’s live streaming capabilities when communicating to their fans. 

If you have not had the opportunity to cover your social media bases use this time to do so. Learn more about; 

And more!


Sometimes it's hard to keep up with every piece of fan mail sent through - whether it's from social media channels or actual mail….do fans still actually send mail? Use this time off to catch up with your audience and give back to the community through replying to those lost messages and comments. Developing these relationships now will provide an incredible support base when it comes around to organising future release parties or album tours.


With live music being brought almost to a stand still, streaming and royalty payments will become the backbone of the music industry and the sole form of income for many artists. Releasing your music over paid streaming services and their curated playlist will allow you to fully utilise this form of revenue throughout this time. Don’t be picky with your platforms! Be where your audience is!!

Developing creative marketing and PR campaigns to distribute and promote your music will allow you to maximise the use of these platforms. Chat to GYROstream to see how you can tailor your up-coming release strategy https://www.gyrostream.com/sign_up.php 


These are trying times for workers in and out of the creative industries - it is vital that spirits are kept up and people are surrounded by positive energy…. So what better time to surround people with your music? 

Use this opportunity to uplift your audience through your music and motivate them to stay positive throughout the pandemic. Also focus on yourself as an artist, work on your craft and develop your sound. 

If you’re looking for more ways to support our industry and your fellow musicians click over to https://thesoundofsilence.com.au/. Sound of silence is a vital music charity that provides crisis relief services to artists, roadies and music workers directly affected during this difficult time. 

We understand that this is a pretty grime time for the Australian music industry, however, by continuing to release music and engaging with audiences we can minimise COVID-19’s impact. Keep positive, wash your hands and listen to Aussie music!