Get featured in the AUNZ YouTube #StayHome #WithMe campaign!

16 Apr 2020

The world’s second largest search engine and everyone’s favourite video sharing service, YouTube, have just recently launched a whole new official channel dedicated to Australian and New Zealand creators. With this, they are now able to feature videos, premieres and live streams from local Australian and New Zealand artists more than ever before.

That said, there are a few guidelines that they need to be met so we’re here to translate it all for you!


What's the misson?

In light of the global COVID-19 crisis, YouTube has thought that creators and creatives worldwide have an opportunity and responsibility to encourage people to stay at home and limit the virus’ spread by sharing great new content that will make people want to stay home! So, what do you need to do?

  • First, create a #WithMe video: anything that will help keep fans entertained, feel connected and productive while staying at home.
  • Title the video “#StayHome and _______ #WithMe”, filling in the blank with whatever activity you intend to do.
  • Share it using the #StayHome and #WithMe hashtags.

They’ve also put together a bunch of useful assets here - feel free to include them in your video! 

Now, there’s no guarantee your video will be featured... but by following all the above correctly you’ll have the best opportunity to be featured alongside Tash Sultana, Sam Smith and more!

What about premieres?

One of the newest features introduced by YouTube is the ability to premiere your own uploads. Say you’ve got a music video coming out and haven’t locked down a premiere with a music outlet - you can still put an event together for your core fans and YouTube subscribers making the release something special. And it’s really simple! All you need to do is:

Bitch Better Have My Money Video GIF by Vevo

  • Upload your video as you normally would but toggle the “Premiere” button on the “Preview & Publish” tab. Schedule it for when you want it to happen!
  • A public watch page will now be created - this is where people will see the video at the premiere date so share it widely. The comments and chat function exist prior to the premiere so you can already start talking to fans and building excitement.
  • Two minutes prior to the scheduled time, a countdown will begin and then the video will play with all your tuned in fans watching together in real time. The chat function is available during this too so be sure to interact with people, tell them how you’re feeling and asking how they’re liking the video!

Following the premiere, the video will then automatically become uploaded to your channel as normal. Aaand, if you’ve followed the steps for inclusion in the AUNZ YouTube #StayHome #WithMe campaign, your video might get featured!

What about livestreams?

Nobody needs to tell you how popular livestreams are becoming. In lieu of actually being on stage in a room filled with your fans, you can still play music for and interact with them through the Internet via livestreaming. YouTube, of course, is a great platform for this. The best way is as follows:

  • Go to the “Upload” icon and click “Go Live”. Then, select Webcam - its the easiest option if you don’t have a full livestreaming setup.
  • Enter the details and (ideally) schedule it for a later date - if you schedule it and lock it in then that means you can promote it widely with your fans and get them to carve out a bit of time specifically to tune in to you.
  •  At the scheduled time, go live and engage with people! Chat to them, play them a song, host a Q&A, anything to keep them entertained and connected to you. Once it’s done, it’ll get archived in your Live Tab where you can go upload it for everyone to watch, edit it to only the highlights or delete it.
  • You can also monetize your livestream, adding the Super Chat option and merch listings. To do this, you need to apply to become part of the YouTube Partner Program and fulfil their requirements.

And, as with before, use the #StayHome #WithMe hashtags to take part in the campaign and potentially get featured!

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So, that’s that! YouTube is a hugely important platform for artists - though you may not believe it, it’s actually the No. 1 place people go to listen to music online. Noting its importance, consider undertaking the YouTube Music Certification and definitely check out the GYROstream blog article on optimising your usage of it.

As always, for all things related to music distribution, PR or digital marketing - be sure to contact us and let us help Get Your Record Out!