Our Feature Album For April | FeelsClub 'SUB.ALT.GEN 01'

27 Apr 2020

Brisbane dance-pop experts FeelsClub are providing us with a much needed dose of dance-inducing upbeat goodness on their latest EP SUB.ALT.GEN.01: our feature album for April! 

Released on April 23, the EP opens with brand new track ‘Lies,’ a freeing, uplifting track that is sure to get you dancing in a joyous haze. The track is also remixed later in the EP, with Inimata stripping the song back, slowing it down and turning it into a melancholy but cathartic experience.

Following this, the EP includes three remixes of ‘So Done’ (originally released in June 2019). Though each of DJ Borderforce, Bcharre and Ether1.618’s take on the song is different, each retains an upbeat, driving force that we can’t help but enjoy.

March 2019 single ‘Magic’ is also given a remix treatment on the EP by MKA, who takes the unrelentingly upbeat party song, slows it down and creates a piece that freely waxes between hauntingly ethereal underwater-synths and fuzzy, destructive underground euro-dance grooves.

Additionally, FeelsClub’s most recent single ‘After The Fall’ is given a remix by Christian Patey on the EP and it’s a beautiful slow burn that powerfully highlights the track’s heartfelt vocal.

From the humble beginnings of playing mates’ house parties to today being counted among the best dance acts coming out of Australia, FeelsClub continue to impress with their latest release. Check it out on all streaming platforms now!