Instagram: Introducing LIVE Donations

07 May 2020

Instagram have recently rolled out the Dontaions in LIVE on Instagram feature in reponse to COVID19.

Throughout recent months, the team over @Instagram have taken note of people stepping up in unprecedented ways to support their communities to raise money for nonprofits helping in COVID-19 relief directly. 

1. Users can now, when you go Live, create a fundraiser for your viewers to take part in.

2. Users can also create a fundraiser or use the I Donated sticker in Stories to unlock a new Donate! shared story to prompt your audience to support.

How does it work? 

To create a fundraiser in Live: 

  • Make sure you’re on the latest version of the app 
  • Select Live as ‘Fundraiser’ when you first start your live
  • Choose the nonprofit you want followers to donate to 
  • You’ll then see in real time - during your broadcast - people who are supporting your fundraiser and $ raised
  • 100% of money raised goes to your chosen nonprofit
  • When you share your Live to IGTV after, the donation amount will no longer show


To unlock the Donate! shared story, live for a limited time: 

  • Create a fundraiser in Stories using the donations sticker
    • Using the donations sticker in your story makes it eligible to appear in the Donate! shared story, where your audience can view your story and support
    • If you held your fundraiser in Live, don’t forget to continue momentum via the donations sticker in Stories so you can unlock this shared story experience
  • Use the I Donated sticker
  • Donate to a fundraiser in Stories or Live to unlock the new sticker
  • Using this sticker in a story makes it eligible to appear in the Donate! shared story