Selling merch? Instagram’s here to help out!

06 Jul 2020

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

Everyone’s favourite photo-sharing social media service, Instagram, recently announced a new update that is going to be super useful for musicians selling merch. You might’ve seen something called Instagram Shopping hanging around - a platform where larger commerce accounts can tag images of their products with links straight to the website where they’re available to purchase. It’s a great offering - if somebody likes the product you’re advertising, they don’t have to hunt through the web to find somewhere to purchase it: it’s right in front of them.

The great news is that Instagram is expanding the eligibility for it so musicians will soon be able to use shopping tags for eligible merch products advertised on the platform! It’ll be available from the 9th of July and when you sign up you’ll be notified as soon as you’re approved (or, with a clear explanation if you’re not approved). From there, you just need to tag products from a single website that you own so that customers are being sent to a consistent place.

Further information is available right here, so check it out for all the specifics and keep an eye on the platform when the changes roll out!



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