Our Feature Album for July | Holiday Party

07 Jul 2020

Bless your ears with our Feature Album for July - Holiday Party's self-titled debut! 

Junkyard pop pioneers Holiday Party recently released their self-titled debut album and we’re thrilled to promote it as the GYROstream Feature Album for July.

Across its eight tracks, the album waxes through all the stages and emotions associated with relationship breakdown. It’s deeply personal and has an uncanny relatability: we believe that everyone will be able to find some meaning in the songs, all written and performed by Holiday Party members Luke McDonald, Mel Tickle, Peter Bernoth and Scott Bromiley

Standouts on Side A include opening track 'Spending My Lifea track that features some samples of Luke’s very own son Oscar! Mel describes further:

“This song is the first one you’d put on as you leave the house to go for a drive to clear your head. And you just keep on driving. It makes so much sense to us to start the album with it.”

Additionally, one cannot look past recent singles 'No One' and 'Let Down,' each demonstrating Holiday Party’s awesome and unique ability to combine beautiful vocal hooks with complex, creative arrangements and production techniques. Album focus track 'Somthing That's Not Wasted' is also great - a very sassy, bouncing track set during the moment you sign out of a sinking relationship. As Luke notes,

“It’s a swan song for something that’s inevitably going to fall apart or fail.”

Side B features plenty of deep, introspection, especially on tracks 'When I Think About Loveand 'Dream State': the former being a jumpy, anxiety-ridden stream of consciousness pulling together rhythmic threads from across the album and the latter being their “Alice In Wonderland song”, as explained by Luke. It’s all about facing (or perhaps distracting yourself from) the difficult aspects of yourself. The following track, 'I'm Still Here' is actually also the first song that Holiday Party ever released as Holiday Party - what a wonderful milestone to call back to within the milestone of their first album release!

The album concludes with the delicate, heartfelt 'Will You'. Built from a demo Mel sent to Luke when she was away in LA, the song is about rebirth and giving yourself over to something new in the wake of the end of something else. It’s a magical end and, as Mel suggests, it leaves only one thing left to do:

“Start the album again, and keep driving!”

But, don’t take our word for it - listen to the album for yourself here.

'Something That’s Not Wasted' video out now: