Facebook: Introducing new tools to help artists make money

20 Jul 2020

Image Credit: Facebook 

Facebook has announced new features to their platform that will help artists to earn money and connect with their audience.

The new features include ‘Fan Subscriptions’ and ‘Stars’ which enable fans to support their favourite artists, especially those who have lost income due to COVID19.

Fan Subscriptions
Fan Subscriptions allows fans to sign up to a monthly subscription to their favourite artists, which gives them access to exclusive content such as Q&A’s and  Behind the Scenes videos. At this time, only non-music content can be exclusive to Fan Subscriptions.

Facebook has set some eligibility criteriaIf you tick all the boxes you can now sign up here.

This is a feature for fans to purchase Stars and send them to their favourite artists in video comments. Artists receive 1 cent for every star they receive and can be a great way for artists to monetise their content on Facebook and receive support from their most loyal fans. 

Apply for beta access here.

Image Credit: Facebook

Facebook says they’ll be continuing to expand on these features to allow artists to take advantage of their platform.

In a time where the majority of income for artists has essentially stopped, these new Facebook features will assist them until they can perform again and continue to assist them post COVID.