Say Hello to Facebook's Answer to TikTok: Instagram Reels

22 Jul 2020

Image credit: Facebook

With reports that TikTok is to be banned in the US, Facebook has stepped up to fill the viral gap with their new ‘Instagram Reels’. TikTok achieved immense success as a newcomer to the social media scene amassing over 2 billion downloads since its launch. However, due to concerns over data privacy, increased scrutiny has been cast over the platform - Big Brother, anyone?

Introducing Instagram Reels.. 

Instagram Reels will allow public users to record 15-second long videos with accompanying background music, akin to TikTok, and post these on the platform. Select videos from public users will have the chance to be featured in a ‘Top Reels’ segment on Instagram’s Explore page where they can achieve their ‘viral’ fame and glory. 

Image credit: Facebook

Who, What, When & Where. Be Ready! 

Currently available in France, Germany, Brazil and India, the new feature will soon be rolled out to users in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico, and 50 other countries

With 30 million monthly TikTok users in the United States, one can only speculate as to whether this user base will transition over to Instagram Reels. TikTok has helped to launch the careers of a range of artists including Lil Nas X thanks to their songs featuring on viral ‘challenge’ videos.