Our Feature Album for August| Grace Turner 'Half Truths'

21 Aug 2020

Grace Turner’s debut album ‘Half Truths’ is our feature album this month at GYROstream.


The Alt-folk singer is a Newcastle native and this new album comes off the back of a slew of singles, all which have been well received in the music community. This songstress played at SXSW in 2019, standing out in a crowded genre with her raw vocals and mesmerising stage presence. The 6 tracks explore an emotional journey with themes of inner conflict and relationship power imbalances. Grace chose the album title ‘Half Truths’ to comment on the subjectivity of truth. She expresses the everchanging version of truth as it is dictated by our inner emotions. 


Grace’s first track on this album, ‘Disdain’ explores feelings of unworthiness. With a catchy guitar riff to match the emotional turmoil this track describes, Grace has us in the feels with this beauty. 


The second track on the album, ‘Crossed Your Mind’, is a melancholy favourite. This track serves heart-wrenching vocals up on a silver platter offering the audience insight into this songstress’ emotive battle with the lyrics “Taken in the night, there’s no time for goodbyes”. Triple J is all over this one, with this track taking this radio audience by storm. 


We can’t skip past ‘Half Light’, which speaks to the conflicting parts of our personalities and the battle of choosing a path. This poetic track has us hooked on every line. The track touches on cognitive dissonance and exploring the masks we wear day-to-day. Grace describes this song as “an exploration and experience in learning to accept and give space for the many different sides of myself”. This track has been featured regularly on Triple J and has received a multitude of community radio plays including 4ZZZ and Radio Adelaide.


‘Easy I Fall’, the fourth track on this mesmerising debut album, featured regularly on triple j and won her the triple j unearthed slow on Grow Your Own Festival. This song is no exception to the introspective theme that underlies the album. This song explores the feeling of constantly putting someone else’s needs above one’s own and the struggle of breaking it off with someone. 


Track ‘Dead or Alive’ was added to Double J rotation, a song that Grace co-produced with the talented Mat Tayor. This 6-track album has the media buzzing! Grace has received praise from a plethora of media outlets including the Newcastle Herald, Ticketmaster, Canberra Time and GC Live.


To piece the EP together, Grace worked with a number of key figures in the industry. Recording at Melbourne's infamous Sound Park Studios with the production skills of Timothy Harvey (Lisa Mitchell, Ella Hooper), mixing by Fletcher Matthews (Sweater Curse, CLEWS) and mastering by Adam Dempsey (Didirri, Courtney Barnett). This captivating debut album has us feeling empowered in our feels, and has the perfect tracks for a long drive with the windows down.