Tune In to Listeners with NEW SoundCloud Radio & Mobile Insights

02 Sep 2020

Reinventing radio as we know it, SCA and SoundCloud have partnered up to launch their new platform, SoundCloud Radio. First of its kind, the new station will make finding your new favourite song that much easier - just think of all the time saved!

SoundCloud Radio allows new and under-the-radar artists to be discovered and streamed to a wide-ranging audience across Australia. Listeners are able to stream the new station via Amazon Echo or Apple HomePod, DAB+ in the car, on radio apps like RadioApp and TuneIn or directly here

What does this mean for artists?

  • SoundCloud Radio offers a unique opportunity for upcoming artists to achieve national radioplay and potentially attract a whole host of new fans. 
  • Musos can tag their track with #SoundCloudRadio and the musical experts over at SoundCloud will give it a listen to determine whether it'll be broadcasted.
  • It's already up and spinning so get tagging! Artists chosen for broadcast will have the chance to be added to SoundCloud Radio rotation, joining acts like ONEFOUR, Cabu and Ivan Ooze


Wait, there's more?

SoundCloud has also been hard at work updating their mobile app to offer users access to their insights. It’s no secret that we love to use our smartphones for everything and anything - our screen time is definitely trending upward these days. So this new development is a logical next step for the platform. Previously only available on desktop, artists will be able to check their listener stats as well as see an overview of total track plays according to day, week, month and year - très convenient if you ask us.


Image credit: SoundCloud


The SoundCloud team hint at even more updates to their Insights offering to be unveiled over the coming months. To read more, check out their announcement blog post here