Our Feature Album for October| DVNA's 'All My Friends'

09 Oct 2020

DVNA's debut album 'All My Friends' is our feature album this month at GYROstream. 

Gold Coast songstress, DVNA (pronounced Da-na) delivers her new debut album 'All My Friends' up on a silver platter, an introspective and relatable 9 track EP that explores the perfect balance of sass, soul and shimmery soundcapes. The talented Dana Lowrey self-recorded and self-produced these tracks at her home, giving us a deep dive into her personal experiences. 

'All My Friends' is a journey that unveils DVNA's real conversations and personal thoughts throughout its entirety. The lyrics foster themes of love and friendship; a blend of cheeky and relatable. 

The preluding track for the album 'The Sax Man (Intro)', rings true to this artist's roots in Jazz featuring soulful saxaphone riffs from a street artist named 'The Sax Man'. This is complimented with a personal voicemail playing, bringing authenticity and creativity to the track. 

'Sushi In Tokyo', the album's first full length song, is an exploration of self-empowerment, sexuality and self-dicovery. This track does not hold back, peeling back the layers and sharing details of intimacy and fantasy. "It allows the listener to enter a beautifully erotic world for three and half minutes, filled with smoke hazed bars, skylines and neon lights", explains Dana.

Next on the Album is 'Why You Gotta Be So Nice', a sweet melodic tune that dives into the challenges of a male and female dynamic. Cheeky, sultry and fun. This song infuses elements of jazz and soulful pop, which creates the pefect blend of sweet and sultry.

 'All My Friends', a track that shares its title with the album, is all about pressure, anxiety and self-worth. Dana discusses the negative impact that social media can have on mental health, and in particular, the impact it has on her and her friends. She explores an empahsis on how social media can have us searching for validation and self-worth in the wrong places. This relatable, fresh and sarcastic take on this topic uncovers a new insightful look into DVNA's mind. 

Half-way throught the album, DVNA links back to her first track featuring a voicemail as a type of 'Intermission'. This creative design of her album is unique and gives it a story-telling feel.

'When I'm Your Girl', is a sweet and romantic story of a night spent indoors, as the world braced for the restrictions of COVID-19. A song exploring when time stands still and everything is uncertain, we always have human connection. This track is raw, inspiring and has us in the feels.

Following these pieces is 'Half Past Sober', an honest and beautiful take on heartache and betrayal. "This relationship was equally as passionate as it was toxic. A dysfunctional, heated, electric love affair that probably never should have happened, though glad it did", tells Dana. Musically vulnerable and soft with bass and electric guitar playing that has you feeling the pain of a heartbreak. 

The final track, 'More to Give' perfectly wraps up this jounrey of emotions and personal stories, with a vocal feature from Dana's mother. A song that reflects on morals and the nurturing foundation of her family relationships. This end track re-introduced 'The Sax Man' from the beginning of the album. 

Drawing from inspiration of multiple genres and artistry flares, DVNA has produced a fresh and raw 9-track sonic experience that has us begging for more. The 'All My Friends' Tour is on sale now, so be sure to book your ticket!

DVNA 'All My Friends' EP TOUR
On Sale Now

Sat 10 Oct | Vinnies Dive Bar | Gold Coast, QLD  | SOLD OUT
Fri 16 Oct (EarlySession)| Black Bear Bar | Brisbane, QLD  | SOLD OUT

Fri 16 Oct (Late Session)| Black Bear Bar | Brisbane, QLD  | SOLD OUT

Fri 17 Oct (Early Session)| Black Bear Bar | Brisbane, QLD  | SOLD OUT
Fri 17 Oct (Late Session)| Black Bear Bar | Brisbane, QLD  | TICKETS
Fri 23 Oct | Otherwise | Townsville, QLD  | TICKETS
Sun 25 Oct | HeyStream, Online Livestream | TICKETS