Our Feature Album For December | Jordan Astra's 'Hourglass'

11 Dec 2020

Just in time for the easing of dance floor restrictions and the coming of long, balmy summer nights comes - Jordan Astra and Hourglass.

To ease you into what will easily be on top of your 2020/2021 summer playlist Jordan Astra delivers Finer Things. The upbeat melody automatically transports you to sunny days, while Jordan’s silky vocals speaks of those things that summertime is made for.

When speaking about the track, Jordan said “The 'finer things' in life are always worth waiting for! It's about taking your time with the people you love, with the life you live and the passions that get you up everyday. Finer Things was a record I produced because I found myself diving deeper into blending Hip-Hop with Disco and Funk sounds. I wanted to blend my favourite genres and continue to make feel-good music.”

Saxophones and pianos blend effortlessly into familiar beats; in songs such as Reasons the third track from the album showing off the disco feel-good vibes Jordan spoke about.

Moonlight the fourth track from the album changes pace with ease, distancing from the disco-funk and  bouncing into a catchy hip-hop heavy track that features Isadora.

And just like those endless red-hot nights the energy of Hourglass does not simmer down at the last minute. Endgame the final track from the album is heated with confidence and a creative beat that will have you putting it on repeat.

Jordan has already released 20 records in just three years. Hourglass is nothing short of a unique combination of talent and sound and if this album is anything to go off, Jordan Asta might just be unstoppable.