Instagram Launches: Shopping in Reels

11 Dec 2020

Instagram is back in the news having launched their latest offering Instagram Shopping in Reels; available throughout Australia from today. If you're catching up and wanting to know more about Instagram Shopping check out our blog post HERE or check out How To Set Up Instagram Shopping HERE

With the success of Reels bringing a new life of engagement and screen time to the platform, combining its commercial offering was a natural next step. As of today, people viewing a reel with product tags can tap ‘View Products’ to buy, save, or learn more about the products tagged in that reel. 

But what’s this mean for artists? This is a new creative and engaging opportunity for an artist to sling their merch via the platform. By tagging your reels with products (Shirts, CD’s, Vinyl etc) you're giving yourself the best opportunity to drive product discovery with entertaining, short-form content that has the opportunity to be seen on Instagram’s global stage. 

Key Benefits

Merch discovery: Like all reels, reels with product tags have the opportunity to be shown in the Reels tab and to a global audience via the Instagram app. And of course your reel will also be visible in Feed and on your artists Profile. 

Collaboration with creators: Do you have a friend whose killing it fashion/design and/or anything really? Creators can tag products in reels to drive sales for merchandise or product collaborations. Ps. your creator partners must be approved to use Shopping from Creators. 

Create, entertain & educate: Reels are short, fun and are helping artists connect with new and existing fans. Tag specific merch items on show and get creative to inspire fans to engage with your products.


Youtube Drinking GIF by Bianca Bosso

Reels is the latest step in Instagram Shopping; now available via Feed posts, Stories, IGTV videos, Live broadcasts. If you’re chasing more information on the above, check out the Help Centre article here.

 Image credit: Instagram