Meet Our Feature Artist For March | DROVES

26 Feb 2021

The Sydney-Wollongong four-piece band DROVES are ready to strike the music scene again in their latest single ‘View’. Combining 80’s new wave with post-punk, the new track motivates its listeners to thrive on adrenaline, reflect honestly and act on life’s inhibitions.


Since debuting their first release as well as appearing alongside Peking Duk, Jungle Giants and Hokey Dad in 2018 at the Yours & Owls Festival, DROVES have evolved their sound into a tune people are eager to hear more of. The uplifting tune and hard-hitting beat lets listeners understand the fake reality nostalgia provides, whereby perspective on the past is instantly shifted by the notion of remuneration. 


The sole instrumentals of the drums guide the beginning of the song into an upbeat roar with an anticipating rhythm and lyric. The synth-pop notes which ring in the background of the track emphasise a shoegaze-type reflection which follows the idea of nostalgia. However, it is the chorus which ironically points out the illusion the subconscious plays, whereby it evokes us to see our past through rose-coloured glasses. 


Elements of rock can be found in the intricate details of each tune, exuding edge, badass, truth and carelessness intertwined in each song’s meaning and message.


DROVES’ sound is bold, fearless and unforgettable, unafraid of unveiling the realities and encouraging listeners to make decisions they see fit. DROVES have caught the attention of triple j, RAGE, NME, The Music, Spotify’s editorial team and Pilerats.


In the midst of finalising their EP debut, DROVES have developed a well-deserved arena-sized ambition, hooking listeners with dance-punk anthems and energetic live performances.