Our Feature Album for March | Eden Altman ‘Eastward’

15 Apr 2021

Eastward is the latest self titled project from Melbourne artist, Eden Altman aka Eastward (EstWrd). His recent successes have landed him on New Music Daily! Eastward’s organic touch is rich with vinyl-esq beats, percussion, acoustic guitar and funky bass. Throughout his music, Eastward often opens up a portal to a psychedelic web of retro-future collage that gently blends the foreign with the familiar. As per his pseudonym, Eastward persuades his listeners to embark on a journey, and that journey seems to go where the sun rises; east.

His newest song just dropped today, 'Get Something Going'! This musical journey is a smooth, mostly instrumental piece that softly glides through blending acoustic guitar, calm drums, electronic/ synthesised waves and echoing vocals to create a lofi Hip- Hop bop. Go check out the full EP, using similar melodic technqiues he captivates his audience by utilising electronic sounds in creatively new ways, the full EP will mellow you out and take you on a pleasent and unique calming journey. 

Eden Altman has a history of making waves in the industry; performing and co-writting with electronic artist Opiuo, and enjoying long time collaborations with Spoonbill and Josh Abrahams. He has also spent time as the side-kick and guitarist for Abby Dobson, and once lived and worked at the Modern Opera of Paris as a sound technician.