Meet Your August Feature Artists | BIG CREATURE

14 Aug 2018

Pop funk powerhouse, BIG CREATURE, is our big feature artist for August. Their release ‘WORK’, the 2018 electronic love child of Prince and Michael Jackson, skewers the culture of self-obsession via technology but does it so smoothly, you just want to dance anyway. Eighties drum samples, guitar and synth are the funky underscore for the deliciously acerbic lyrics.



At the opposite end of the musical spectrum is ‘ESC’, with shimmering swells of music layered over lush vocals, the track creates a chilled groove, reminiscent of The Clientele or the Cocteau Twins.





The new release celebrates the return of the Melbourne three-piece, Michael Best, Ezekiel Fenn and Lachy Wyatt after the success of their EP Talk in 2016. The single from Talk, ‘Speak Your Mind’, had featured on ABC Australian TV hit Harrow and led to supports with Panama and Fractures.


After the release of ‘WORK’ on July 26th this year, the band is feeling the love on triple j Unearthed from the likes of Dave Ruby Howe and Declan Byrne. Executive producer of triple j Unearthed, Tommy Faith, said, ‘Reckon this'd pass convincingly for a genuine 80’s chart hit. What a jam.’



He’s got that right, so have a listen, have a download and have dance to Big Creature. Live shows to be announced soon.