The Power Of GIPHY

17 Aug 2018

We’ve all seen GIFs on social media -a series of images or soundless videos that loop continuously. They’re an instant, visual way to show an idea or a reaction, and everyone loves sharing them.

If you’ve used a GIF before, chances are it’s from GIPHY - the internet’s largest collection of image files.


So, how can musicians use GIPHY?

For musicians, GIFs can be a powerful marketing tool to engage your fans and give them a real insight into you and your story.

Music websites typically need 3 levels of engagement.

  1. Music: your art is the first level of engagement.
  2. Content: the second level of engagement is your brand, and the information you share about yourself
  3. A deeper content: The third level of engagement is the story behind your music – this is what builds fans.


Why use GIFs?

They create a quick connection,help express emotion and boost the attention your post gets on social media.



They create empathy - fans want to be part of your story and you want them to keep coming back.



GIPHYs are an original way for bands to create a buzz for a new single, capture a moment on tour or show how you feel about an issue

Kehlani, a US singer, released GIPHY’s two hours before her album dropped - people shared it and Spotify used it. She also has a GIPHY channel, which allows her images and brand to be shared by everyone, not just her fans.

Check out the potential GIPHY’s from music videos. A moment can be a GIPHY too (like this Shag Rock Shoey):



Click here to learn how to make your own GIF!


How do I get a GIPHY account?

Artists can sign up for a GIPHY user account here. Once you have a GIPHY account, you can apply for a GIPHY channel. At the moment, only GIPHY partners and artists can be verified, and it may take a little longer for them to get you verified as they get a lot of requests.

So why get verified? If you’re verified, you’re an official GIPHY partner. Verified Channels power “Social Search”- the ability to search specific channels anywhere GIPHY powers GIF distribution. Type “@username + any tag” to get content from creators. It will be available on GIPHY, Facebook Messenger, Twitter’s GIF button, Tinder, Slack, Twitch, Outlook and others. Presently, only Partner and Artist Channels can be Verified. A verified channel has a blue badge next to the Channel Name (example:


Good luck – go for it!