How Can I Sell My Music Online?

20 Aug 2018

Every indie artist has the opportunity to promote and publish their music online.
All it takes is a bit of research to get your music on iTunes and Spotify.

Independent music distribution:The Facts

Individual artists and groups can’t upload directly to Spotify but through indie music distribution companies your music can be available to a global audience.

There are digital distribution companies called aggregators like GYROstream,  which champions Australian and New Zealand music and is one of the best digital music distribution company for indie musicians.

With non-curated playlists, GYRO offers playlist plugging, affordable upload rates and clear analytics so you can find your listeners and create a fan base.

With a simple upload model similar to Tunecore, Ditto Music and CD Baby; GYROstream competes fiercely on pricing. It’s easy to get music on Spotify, Apple music or sell music on Amazon. Check  the terms and conditions as every service has different fees and charges.

For GYROstream

1. Sign up for FREE at

2. Upload your music to us (just AUD$9.99 for ANY release (single distribution, album or EP).

3. Upload artwork, release dates and info.

4. Their digital music distribution network uploads your songs to Spotify music online, Apple Music and 100+ others including over 550 million active users across China's five big music services.

5. Once they put your music on Spotify,  GYROstream offers expert advice on selling songs online through playlist promotion via our expert PR team. Artists are guided through Youtube monetization, given sync and licensing opportunities and supported by a dedicated team who know how to sell music.

Indie artists keep 100% copyright and get paid for every stream, download and play. Royalty payments can go direct to your bank account.. Through GYROstream you can sell music online, market and promote your image and get your record out.

Things to Consider

Regardless of which music distribution company you choose research these area.

  • Fees
  • Rights
  • Synchronisation
  • Publishing
  • Digital service providers that suit your music genre
  • Submission criteria
  • Delivery times