GYROservice - Instrument and Liability Insurance

24 Oct 2018

Insurance is one of those things a lot of people think they don’t need, and for most parts of life it may not be necessary or affordable to some. But for musicians, it can crucial to saving your career. It’s hard to prove the importance of insurance to an artist’s career, so we’re going to tell you a story, about a client of ours Shag Rock, which appeared on The Industry Observer, who were saved by the insurance angels earlier this year.

The boys in Shag Rock supported The Rubens on a four-date run in south-east Queensland in early June. In high spirits, they loaded up their trusty van that they’d been using for four years and set out on some of their biggest shows to date. After one of these shows, their van was broken into and all of their gear was stolen, every single piece.



They tried their hardest in hopes of finding the gear online or at a Cash Converters but there was no luck. The Rubens, being the top-blokes they are, provided Shag Rock with their own gear to continue the shows. It was a real stroke of bad luck, but not enough to bring them down.

Two months prior to these shows, their manager told them to take out Gear and Public Liability Insurance. They thought it was a crazy idea, to fork out $900 per year on insurance seemed like a big waste, something bad would never happen to them. Alas they paid for the insurance anyway.



Two days after their van was raided, they were told their claim had been approved by Action Entertainment Insurance, and they would have the money by the end of the week. Not long after, they headed out on a headline tour with a full set-up of fresh gear (and some beer money) and stuck it to whoever tried to bring them down.

This still may not be enough to persuade you to take the leap on insurance, but just give it a think and do some research. We can help you with obtaining a stellar insurance deal if you sign up to our website. It could be one of the best investments you’ll make in your career, and one day it just might save it.

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