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22 Nov 2018

Here at GYROstream, we offer a range of high quality PR services to artists everywhere. Each service caters to artists of different genres and popularity.

Our current clients include a range of upcoming artists such as Kwame, Kymie, DIET, Fritz and Split Feed. We also cater campaigns for festivals, working with the likes of This That, Shakafest, The Mountain Goat Valley Crawl, Live at the Foreshore and Scene & Heard.

PR Lite

The PR Lite campaign is designed to aid and expand the reach of your DIY PR efforts. With our extensive range of contacts and connections, PR Lite acts as a building block to introduce your music to a wider audience.

The PR Lite service offers an expertly written press release that is pitched to a hand-picked selection of journalists, radio, streaming playlisters and industry figures. It also includes a one on one consultation regarding a timeline release. We also upload your music to Amrap’s community radio platform AirIt. Plus, we arm you with some valuable tips to maximise your online presence. If you pair it with an applicable music video, we can also push it towards platforms like ABC TV’s rage and MTV.


Advanced PR & Marketing Services

GYROstream offers Advanced PR & Marketing campaigns to fuel existing momentum of artists. Over an extended period of time we work strategically to build an artist’s story in the market with our extensive network of media, streaming and industry contacts. The services includes playlist pitching, but also extends to festival PR, touring PR, on-ground promotional schedules and digital marketing.

Having a long term plan for our clients allows stronger strategies to be made for both emerging and traditional media.

Add On’s

Playlist Pitching -

Because playlisting has become such a key aspect to gaining momentum in the music industry, we encourage all clients to consider our tailored service for playlist pitching. We pitch to Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Netease, Yandex and Apple music curators, as well as a large range of independent playlisters around the world.

Tour Add-on -

You’ve got everything down pat but just not sure how to publicise your upcoming tour? We can help with that. Through our range of media contacts and gig listings in every city and town around Australia and New Zealand, we can get the word out on tours of all shapes and sizes. We’ll also share industry tips and tricks to maximise your online tour promotion.

Premiere Add-on -

A premiere can give any release a substantial head start and get the hype-train rolling. Premiering on a respected website will create traction and can lead to great things for a single or music video.

Every artists requires a different approach, and we tailor every campaign to an artist’s specific goals. If you’re looking to get your music and artist brand out to the big wide world, sign up and check out the PR and Playlist Pitching tiles in the dashboard.


(Information correct as of November 2018. Pricing and package info subject to change.)