GYROstream expands distribution to Yandex Music

23 Nov 2018


The team at GYROstream continue to expand their reach to parts of the world where major services such as Spotify are yet to launch.

Yandex Music’ is a music streaming platform providing music from all over the world to Russia and neighbouring countries. It is the product of parent company, Yandex, a multinational corporation offering a wide variety of internet services. The predominant functions are it’s search engine, emailing and the maps app (sounds a bit like Google hey?), but we mainly have our eyes on the streaming service.


With 20 million active monthly users in Russia and also coverage to Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Israel, it reaches the market where larger streaming services have not yet launched. The service makes active use of playlisting, very similar to the rest of the streaming market. Users can either select music specifically or can choose music based off moods and genres, popular playlists, charts or algorithmic based radios.

Inevitably there is more activity with Russian music, however the top ten charts demonstrate international music is listened to and loved. For example, the previous Queen movie saw Bohemian Rhapsody climb into the top ten chart alongside Imagine Dragon’s newly released Origins album.

Alongside releasing music to Yandex Music, GYROstream distributes to Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, Tencent + 100 more platforms around the world.