9 Surefire Ways To Grow Your Instagram Following

12 Mar 2019

In this day and age, fans want to capture the moment and share with friends and loved ones - and Instagram has established itself as one of the best ways to do this.

Picture this - you’re playing a show. Someone in the crowd decides to capture the moment and share it to their Instagram. This sparks the interest of one of their followers, and they decide to follow you on Instagram!

The hard part is done - now, you have to make the most of their follow so you can keep them engaged and make them want to interact with your Instagram. Here are the best practices to fully utilise your Instagram account.


1. Be Yourself

Most of your fans and followers are always in the loop and sometimes they know you more than you know yourself. They know when you are faking it. Keep your content original, as it is always better than something over-produced. When promoting on Instagram, curate something that is all YOU and particularly just for Instagram. Making posts that look commercialized for another platform will not get you as far as being there in person for the moment.


2. Post Frequently

Post at least once a day! This could be an actual post to your feed, or simply something on your story. Your fans are forever content-hungry. They constantly search for posts and stories during their free time. You need to keep them updated with your highlights and your in-between moments. Feel free to also play with the in-app creative tools like Boomerang, polling stickers, GIFs and face filters whenever you are unsure of what to post. For example, John Mayer has used his Instagram to give fans a quick beginners guitar lesson while he's in the studio!

Image result for instagram live musician


3. Tell a Story

Telling your own story gives new fans another reason to follow and engage with your posts. It can be a funny story, or showing your vocal warm up routines before going on stage, or anything! The most engaging stories are made in the moment, so use a combination of videos, photos, and creative tools.

It may look boring but these glimpses into your life are often what fans are looking for. Use highlights in your profile to categorize posts, if you want your fans to have access to them for more than 24 hours. You can add anything you have posted from your archive and delete highlights at any time.


4. Videos, Videos and More Videos!

Instagram users crave video content. Increase the likelihood that your content will surface in the explore tab by posting a variety of content. Post a video with the good stuff up front to hook viewers straight away. Your fans need to watch at least 3 seconds of your video to count as a view. Vertical or Square is the best format, and make sure to choose a cover image that will make your fans want to watch.


5. Live

Your fans will be notified when you go live (if they turn on post notifications from your Instagram profile). You go live to make an announcement, share something new, or just to hang with your followers. Comments like, “Hanging in the studio” or Just chilling at the backstage” give your fans an idea what you are doing in the moments. Live can be used with a friend so if you have a verified account friend, you invite their fans and followers to your Live. This brings diversity to both your fanbases and widens your discovery.


6. Engage with Fans

You can respond to comments with a few words to let your followers know that you have seen them and that you appreciate their engagement. This might earn you a fan for life. You can also @mention a fan in stories, repost their stories, or dedicate time for a Q&A when going live. Keep those emoji hearts coming in by saying something witty or funny. This is a great way to encourage engagement and gain more organic reach on your posts!


7. Safety First

Be sure to turn on Two-Factor-Authentication to help prevent hacking. This will ensure you never lose your hard-earned followers and keep your account secure. You will find it in your settings. Turn on comment filters to keep spam and troll accounts out - this will make sure only real accounts are commenting on your photos. Turn on the standard filter or customize the filter with specific words, phrases or emojis.


8. Location And Hashtags

New fans can find your posts with the help of location and hashtags, but use these tools wisely. Too many hashtags can make your posts feel inauthentic. When using hashtags, especially in stories, encourage your fans to do the same. There is a whole community out there and your fans can find other fans to keep them engaged.


9. Link Your Instagram Account To Your Other Social Media

Make sure your Instagram is linked to your Facebook, Twitter and other social media. This will allow you to share your posts across platforms. You should also encourage your followers to follow you on all of your platforms so they don’t miss out on anything you post!


How many followers do  you have on Instagram now? Try out these hot tips and watch your follower count grow!