One Simple Way To Expand Your Number of YouTube Subscribers

21 Mar 2019

By creating a ‘shortened automatic subscription link’ you can automate your youtube channel growth. Then share it in specific places.

By automating your life in the world of technology, things become a lot easier and more time efficient. This leaves you way more time for things like creating music, rather than spending precious energy going back and forth across media platforms.

Being a musician in the modern age is not the easiest thing to balance with other demands, so to make things run more smoothly on your YouTube channel, follow these steps:

1. Add ?sub_confirmation=1 at the end of your standard YouTube channel link.

2. Run that link (example: through a link shortener (like,, polr, or tinyURL.)

3. Paste the shorter link anywhere you can online!


And there you have it! This will automatically prompt viewers to subscribe to your channel. If they click on the link, they will see a pop up window gently suggesting subscription to your channel.

Where to paste an auto-subscribe YouTube link?

Put it anywhere online you think your fans will visit regularly!

Add it to your email signature

Whoever you email in regards to your music will now see this link and have the opportunity to easily subscribe to your channel.

Put it on your instagram page- add it to your bio

Instagram bio’s are a great place to put an auto-subscribe link. If your YouTube channel is focused around your latest release (feature your newest video to the top of your YouTube channel’s home page). Then you can further that promo through your Instagram, just add that "link in bio" to your posts. It’s likely then, if your Instagram followers increase, so will your YouTube subscribers.

Put it in your Facebook profile

On your personal Facebook profile, there’s an option to add any links so MAKE SURE you do this. Having your YouTube subscription link on Facebook will make it a lot easier for people (who might not be on other social platforms) to find your music and subscribe to your channel.

Go to your ABOUT section on your profile, then click “Contact and Basic Info”. There is an option to add extra links. Copy and paste your YouTube subscription link here.

Add it to your newsletters

If you’re going to mention your new music video in your fan newsletter, make sure to use this shorter link. It looks nicer and frees up some room on the page.

Why do it?

Well, if you didn’t know, YouTube is the leader in preferred streaming services, making up 46% of all audio and video streaming. It’s a common misconception that everybody uses Spotify or Apple Music, there are plenty of consumers that don’t even have an account on these platforms.

But Youtube has been around for almost 15 years, you can assume everyone who has internet access knows what it is and how it works, whereas there are still people out there who have never touched the modern streaming services, making it important to maintain a strong presence on your Youtube Channel

It’s all about the algorithms

If new fans make use of this link, they’re most likely going to look around at your other videos. The more subscribers you have, the more your video starts to pop up in the mysterious world of Youtube algorithms. The more you pop up, the higher you come up in searches therefore leading to more views on your videos. It’s a beautiful circle of life.

There you have it, that’s how a simple link can lead to a whole new level of Youtube proficiency. There’s a wealth of benefits to adding this link to the various platforms you engage with your fans and the public. Taking only a few minutes to set up, there’s no excuse to skip on it, so what are you waiting for!