Using Instagram's 'Countdowns' Effectively

21 Mar 2019

Currently, Instagram doesn’t offer a wealth of tools and features that can improve an artists experience on it’s program. But recently, that’s started to change with the introduction of the Countdown sticker.

Found in the sticker section when editing an image or video being added to your story, Countdown is pretty self explanatory in offering a timer that can be used as many times as you like before it expires. This can be a great way to garner hype around almost any certain event or occurrence in an artist’s career.

Here are some examples of when we think the Countdown sticker could be used effectively:

  • Album/EP/Single release - add the sticker when the release is initially announced, allowing it to be used in the time leading up to the day.

  • Anniversary - whether it be your first single, debut show or an acclaimed album, it’s always nice to remind your fans of special dates in your career, and show them that you care about where you came from too.

  • Birthday - this can be a nice way to include fans in the celebration of an artists birthday, whether it’s a solo artist or one of the members of a group.


  • Tours/Shows - Similar to the release of an album or song, if there’s an important show coming up, throw a countdown on there to get people excited for it! Also handy to use for when tickets go on sale to a tour, exclusive show or festival

  • Merch - If you’ve got an exclusive line of merch dropping, or you think it could sell out in no time, adding a countdown gets your fans eager to spend their dollars!

  • Anything you like - You can use the countdown just to get everyone on their toes about an upcoming announcement, just like any of the events listed above.

There’s no doubt that Instagram has made a huge surge in the last few years, particularly in the use of the Stories feature. The addition of the Countdown sticker further adds to the professional use it has for artists, and is a step in a good direction towards Instagram becoming an essential promoting tool that utilises more than just photos and videos.