5 Simple Things Artists Can Do To Optimise Their Facebook Page

25 Mar 2019

In our age of technology, every musician knows having a Facebook page is essential. It’s a way for your fans to connect with you online and stay up-to-date with what you’re doing. What most artists don’t think about, however, is how to make sure their Facebook page is making the best first impression - because it will probably be the only time your fans check your Facebook page.

Although it sounds strange, once your fans have clicked ‘like’ or ‘follow’, they’ll see your posts in their newsfeed and that’s it. Think about it - how often do you check your favourite artists Facebook page? If their posts come up in your newsfeed, you might like or comment, but most people won’t click on your direct page ever again.

Despite this, Facebook is still a vital tool for artists. When your content reaches and impresses a new listener, or when an older fan reconnects with you for the first time on Facebook, they will check out your Facebook page. When they do, you need to make sure your page is making a great impression, selling merch, selling concert tickets and signing them up to your mailing address.

So, how can this be done? We’ve condensed the most important things into five points to follow.

1. A cover photo

This is one of the first things people will see when they visit your page. Creating an interesting image is essential. You can add important information to this, too, like tour dates, album release dates or anything else you really want people to know.


2. A call to action

What do you want to achieve from your Facebook page? This could be selling CDs, getting people to visit your website, or starting a conversation in Messenger.

Whatever your goal is, you can edit your C.T.A (call to action) on the top of your facebook page (see below - you can set it to encourage people to watch a video, send you a message or buy merch).   

3. Link your music!

This might seem obvious, but if a potential listener clicks on your Facebook profile and can’t find a link to listen to your tunes in the first 15 seconds, they’re probably not going to bother digging around for it. Having a clear link to listen to your music in an easy-to-see place, such as the bio area, will encourage people to listen to your music.


4. Sell Product

Merchandise can be a huge profit point for artists these days. If you have merchandise, you can link your online store to your Facebook page. If you don’t have merchandise, now’s a great time to look into it!

5. A complete ABOUT page

Your about page should be filled out as much as you possibly can. The more info, the better! Add your bio, add links to your other social media, add recent press pics, your influences, location, home town - anything and everything you can. As we said, this is probably the only time your fans will see this - so make it count!

It's also important to include an email address - if you don't have a publicist or booking agent, include your own. 

The most important thing to remember with this section is that if someone can't find the information they're looking for, they might not go searching for it. Give them everything they could possibly want to know about you, and make it interesting!


What do you think of these tips? Do you think a brilliant Facebook page can make a great first impression?