How To Get Your Music Out There With Instagram Stories

26 Mar 2019


400 million. That’s about how many people engage with and use Instagram Stories EVERY DAY. Earlier last year Instagram added a feature to Stories that allowed users to put a song onto any story, and allow them to clip the specific part of the track they want to use. It allows users to further convey what they’re trying to get across in their story, and also promotes artists’ music.

Through artists’ own stories they can use this feature to promote shows, single or album releases, older tracks, new merch or a sale or maybe just whatever they want! Don’t worry about making a mistake or picking the wrong song, it’s very easy to delete and re-do.

As a part of GYROstream’s distribution package, we deliver music to Facebook (who owns Instagram), allowing the song/s to be used in Stories. Older tracks as well as new releases can be distributed to Instagram, allowing artists to have a larger choice of songs available for use.


Adding music to Stories is as simple as:

1. Tapping the sticker icon at the top

2. Choosing the MUSIC sticker

3. Search the artist name

4. Pick the song

5. Use the clipping feature that appears to find the section you want to use

6. Feel free to add text or any other stickers if you please. Done!


With the addition of this and the countdown feature , it’s undeniable that Instagram is making moves to becoming a prominent tool in the ever evolving music industry. So get those stories going, and slap you tunes all over them!