Get across the new Spotify feature - Personalised Editorial Playlist Sharing -

27 Mar 2019

Firstly, if you’re not already signed up to your Spotify for Artists page… we highly recommend you get into it right now! It’s an amazing tool for finding out more about your audience on Spotify.

If you’re already onto it, then read on about this incredible new feature that launched today.

Spotify playlists are a top tool for musicians to get their music heard by people that might not usually listen to them. The Spotify editorial team makes thousands of playlists for heaps of different moods and occasions. And they’re incredibly good at it!

Spotify has been testing a new Personalised Editorial Playlists feature for several months now and today, they launched the feature globally.

So… how does it work?

If you are lucky enough to get one of your songs added to a Spotify editorial playlist, an email notification gets sent to you (the artist) and your team, so you can share the good news with fans. (But only if you’re signed up with Spotify for Artists)

For seven days following that playlist add, you can log into your Spotify for Artists platform and get a special unique URL to share on your socials.

When someone clicks one of these unique links that you share, they will be driven to their personalised version of the relevant playlist, but with your specific track appearing as the top song on that version for the following 24-hours. Yippeee! These links can only be found in Spotify Analytics and Spotify for Artists for 7-days following the playlist add so if you get that notification email… hop to it as soon as you can! There’s nothing better than a bit of momentum following your release and this is just another way to keep it chugging along. 

Spotify’s findings suggest that listeners who engage with their personalised playlists are more likely to discover more songs and artists, save songs they find through these playlists and listen to those songs again. Spotify say with their test of the feature, the number of listeners who then seek out the track on their own for repeat listens is up by 80%. In fact, the average number of times a listener saves a track is up 66%—all of which is good news for you.

(For editorial playlists that are not personalized, artists should continue to use public links as they do now.)

What do you think of this new update? Will you be using this feature?

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