Getting Amazon Music’s Alexa To Follow You And Why

04 Apr 2019

Amazon Music may be flying slightly under the radar in the streaming world, lingering in the giant shadows of Spotify and Apple Music, but they’re making moves that highlights them as a strong competitor. Their biggest introduction has been Alexa, a virtual assistant along the lines of Google Home that is capable of a multitude of things.

Recently, Alexa has gained the ability to give ‘new release notifications’ for artists that users follow on Amazon Music. One evening, you could tell Alexa to follow any artist “Hey Alexa, follow … on Amazon Music”, and if the next morning a new song has been released, she’ll notify you.

Unfortunately, if your artist name can be easily linked to a more popular artist or song, Alexa may not be able to find or play your music so easily. Adding intricacies like, for example, asking for “the band The Beatles” or “the album Abbey Road” instead of saying “play Abbey Road” can assist her in finding what you’re after. If you’re feeling real tech-y you can add ‘custom skills’ (here’s a guide) which are custom commands you can add into your Alexa.

The ease of access Alexa offers is a big drawing card to Amazon Music with her immediate and interactive music discovery, and if fans follow you on there it allows her to play your tunes from their library if they ask for a mood, year or genre that is associated with your music.

It’s important to promote your music’s availability on all major streaming services, you can never know where ALL music fans stream their tunes. The more people follow you on these platforms, including Amazon Music, the more you’ll appear in their mysterious algorithms.