Get To Know Our First Feature Album | Ragged 'Love In Your Hands'

16 Apr 2019

Brandishing a groove that is undeniably cheerful, New Zealand five-piece Ragged’s long-awaited debut album Love In Your Hands is nothing short of reggae rock bliss. No wonder it’s been chosen as our feature album for April!

Blending elements of reggae, rock, and pop, Love in Your Hands intimately explores the themes of lust, love and loss over eight diverse tracks. Taking audiences on a dynamic and atmospheric adventure, their soulful melodies float seamlessly over sonorous rhythms. Complimented by infectious riffs and the soulful vocals of Reece Vaitupu, the group have been compared to genre heavyweights such as Ocean Alley and Fat Freddy's Drop.

Highlight track 'Song X' is an exhibition of how the band members’ diverse, individual styles amalgamate to create the Ragged sound. The genesis of the single is just as mysterious as the name, with the track originally forming from a quick jam session that was later fleshed out into one of the group's favourite tracks from the album.

"It’s funny that a song we didn’t really know we had written turned out to be one of the favourites on the album. Always record your jams, you never know what you’ll end up with” guitarist Dylan Walker explains.

Take a deep dive into these Kiwi jammers and get to know our feature album for this month!