How Artists Can Access The Lyrics Feature On Instagram Stories

13 Jun 2019

We all love the music feature on Instagram Stories but the platform's latest update sees a whole new level of music sharing. Last week, Instagram added a new feature that allows users to add lyrics to the music in Instagram Stories!

When you distrubute with GYROstream, we'll get your music delivered to the Instagram story library. To utilise the exciting new lyrics feature, artists must first upload their lyrics to the online platform Musixmatch, by becoming a verified artist on the site and filling out the new release form. Without your lyrics in the Musixmatch catalogue, unfortunately, they will not appear on Instagram Stories. It’s super simple to join, search your song and add lyrics.

We had a go ourselves, it's definitely a fun and easy way to spice up those stories. To add lyrics to your Story, first take a pic or video in the Stories section of Instagram. Click the sticker button on the top right and select the Music button. A music library will pop up where you can search for your fav tune. Once you select a song, you can choose a short snippet by dragging the slider. Lyrics should then appear on the screen and you can customise the font, colour and animation of the lyrics, it's pretty groovy.


The platform teamed up with pop sensation Billie Eilish, using "My Strange Addiction" to show off the new feature and what it looks like.