How to create a Spotify Pre-Save (for FREE)

20 Jun 2019

What is a pre-save link?

A link that artists can give to their followers to allow them to save the song in Spotify before release date. This doesn’t mean that they have access to the song before release date, it simply means, come release day the song will be automatically saved in your Spotify library.

Why is it important?

Your pre-save link can be shared with your fans across all your socials, building hype for the release. Come release day, people will be prepped to get around your new track/s ASAP!

How do I do it?

1. Send an email to ‘Hello, may I please have my Spotify album URI for my upcoming release so I can create a pre-save link?’

2. Once you have your Spotify URI, which looks like this, spotify:album:0JWZvxiJLvRQwqKL2IhcD0, you can now create the link (for FREE).

3. Go to, create a free account


4. Once you have signed up, if you land on this page, click create.


5. Maybe you’re lucky and you landed here instead: If so, click pre-save


6. Fill out the appropriate details.

  • Artist name is pulled from Spotify automatically, if you have trouble finding your profile you can search via your Spotify Artist URI.

  • Paste the Spotify album URI we gave you in the ‘Spotify Product ID’ text box.

Put the album/single/EP name in the ‘Product Name’ field. Add the release date. Add a custom playlist if you would like the pre-save to be created into a custom playlist for followers.

7. Add custom artist images and dynamic features if you wish


8. There are a whole host of other options in regards to a customizable link and shareable content etc.

9.When you’ve filled out everything you are happy with, click: ‘save smarturl’


10. Copy your link. It can also be found in your dashboard.


11. Share it round to your fans! Don’t be shy.