Releasing your music online doesn't have to be complicated or costly. We're a passionate group of individuals who created GYROstream to help simplify digital music distribution for independent musicians, like you, and get your music on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal and more.

In just a few short years the industry has changed drastically, from selling your music online in a download driven market to on-demand online streaming. Paying a high annual fee for your album year-after-year is no longer the best solution, where it can now take 10,000+ streams just to break even. GYROstream's pricing model is tailored to the new streaming model of digital distribution so artists can profit faster and start putting money back into their own pocket. See how we compare

GYROstream is committed to helping independent musicians reach their potential.

We are a music company, not a tech company

We know that seeing your first ever upload hit >1000 streams means a lot. We distribute music and give our artists a suite of tools and services to help build their success.

We distribute globally

Our distribution network reaches all corners of the globe, giving you access to hundreds of millions music listeners every month.

We are future focussed

We are devoted to the future of the music industry, like opening opportunities for our artists in emerging music markets in China and other parts of Asia, and creating new avenues through the latest music technology.

We make it easy

Upload your music online, get streamed, and get paid. Withdraw money when you want, straight to your bank account, without crippling transfer fees.

We are music fanatics

We listen to music. All day. So we can confidently pitch our artists music to our expanding list of playlist curators and sync partners globally in order to distribute your music even further.

We are building a global community

World class music services should be available to everybody, not just those on a major label. We are creating a hub for independent musicians to access the tools and services they need to increase their chances at making a living doing what they love.

We welcome music from every genre and every culture at GYROstream. Get heard, get noticed, get in front of the right people, and GET YOUR RECORD OUT.