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Available for the Australian and New Zealand market

Gain exposure and raise your profile with our PR packages, complete with everything you need to increase your fan base and reach the people who can make a difference to your music career. Our passionate team of experts have over a decade of experience between them. They've got their finger on the pulse and know how to make you get noticed.

Unlike some PR campaigns which cover online and radio separately, all GYROstream PR campaigns reach our carefully selected radio, online, print, playlist and industry contacts so you can be sure your music is getting to the right people.

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Our PR & Marketing Clients Include...


Bobby Alu

Boo Seeka

Babe Rainbow


Oh Boy

This That Festival

Crafted Beer Festival

Up Down Festival


Patrick James


Grace Turner



Live at the Foreshore

Scene & Heard

Mountain Goat Valley Crawl

Miami Horror

Fiction Writer



Phil Fresh

Hope D

Chakra Efendi

Split Feed

Alana Wilkinson

GYROstream PR Team

The GYROstream PR team is led by Viv Mellish, a former music journalist with over a decade of experience in publicity, communications and marketing. Vivienne's roles as a music publicist have allowed her to work with projects including Kwame, Bobby Alu, Babe Rainbow, Boo Seeka, Brother Ali, Meg Mac, Gypsy & The Cat, the church, Divinyls, Dustin Tebbutt & Lisa Mitchell and WAAX.

Vivienne has been invited to speak at a series of industry panels including LittleBIGSOUND (QLD) and Face The Music (AUS). She is currently a member of the Q Music Management Committee and was a judge for the 2018 Queensland Music Awards.