Did you know, if anyone uploads a video to YouTube that contains a small sample of your music, you are able to be paid for the streaming royalties collected on that video? Want to earn royalties from YouTube and get your songs on the YouTube Music app? GYROstream is simplifying global digital music distribution to YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play and more. Plus, you can get paid direct to your bank account when your music is streamed or downloaded from anywhere in the world.

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Follow these simple steps to distribute music to Youtube and get paid for your music streaming.

  • 2. Upload Release Info

    Enter your release data (like artist name, release date, track names), and upload your cover art and audio files. Choose the online music stores you want your music distributed - select from Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube plus 100+ more stores.
    We provide FREE barcodes (UPC), ISRC Codes, preorders, and charge nothing to add new stores.

  • 3. Deliver

    We deliver your music to Youtube and your selected online digital music services. Some stores take longer to deliver to than others so we recommend uploading your songs at least two weeks before your intended release date.

  • 4. Your Music Is Out

    Your music appears on streaming platforms and in the territories you have selected, available for everyone to hear. On release date we will provide you with smart URL that directs your fans to all the major music platforms.

  • 5. You Get Paid

    GYROstream collects the music royalties from every stream or download sale, and load the balance into your payments dashboard. Withdraw money straight to your bank account.


When GYROstream delivers your song to YouTube Content ID, it analyses the audio file and creates a fingerprint of your song. Every time any video is uploaded to Youtube, it scans the video for music content, and if any part of the video contains a match to your song, it begins monetising the video on your behalf. Any video that contains your music can potentially start earning you money, whether you know about it or not! GYROstream can also deliver your tracks to other Google owned platforms including Youtube Music, Youtube Video, and Google Play music.


GYROstream is a fiercely independent music aggregator run by passionate music lovers devoted to exceptional customer service.

  • Low upfront annual fee. Don't pay high annual fees for your music releases with other digital music distributors - see how we compare.
  • Not just music distribution - GYROstream can offer playlist promotion, music publicity, vinyl and CD pressing, insurance and sync services.
  • Reach a global audience. GYROstream sends your music online to 100+ streaming services globally, including emerging markets like China, with hundreds of millions of active music listeners. We constantly add new stores and territories to find more markets for your music.
  • Get paid directly to your bank account in all major currencies. Low transfer fees means you keep more money in your pocket.
World class music services should be available to everybody, not just those on a major label. More than just a digital music distributor, GYROstream is creating a hub for independent musicians like you, to access the tools and services needed to get their music streamed, get noticed, and get paid.
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GYROStream works with over 100 online music stores and streaming services across the world to help get your music online, including: