Not Just Music

Distribution is just the start. Tap into our extra services to help you level up.


GYROpr & GYROdigital

Elevate your profile and build a fanbase with our playlist pitching, digital marketing and publicity services.
Convert listeners to fans with our independent artist and label promo services, complete with everything you need to increase your reach and find your audience.



Do you write your own music? Use our publishing administration service to register your songs globally and collect songwriter income from more sources directly into your artist dashboard.



Itching to tour, but can’t afford the flights? Need funds for PR, Marketing, Recording & Production? Looking to press your latest album on vinyl?

With GYROadvance you could be eligible to access your future streaming royalties to help fund the next stage in your career. Our data-driven algorithms will analyse your current streaming to check if you are eligible for advance funding.


Leads sources

Discover where all your converted leads are coming from and take action into the right direction.

Grow your audience using the channel that drives most of traffic.

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