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An Introduction To Mechanical Royalties



Photography by @ryrylikespictures  There are two main types of royalties that can be earned through musical production; Mechanical and Performance.  Mechanical royalties are earned as musical works are licensed by a third party and are commercially produced. Examples of this are physical copies of music (Vinyls, CD’s, MP3), and physical streams (Spotify, Apple Music). These royalties are typically earned by songwriters.  Performance royalties are earned when... Read More

Our Feature Album For April | The Jensens 'Hammer & Bird'


GYROstream HQ

Wowee! The Jensens have returned with their third studio album - Hammer & Blush. A very exciting release for the group as it represents a new direction sonically. Glittering synths, punchy lyrics and rolling drums are just some of the ways I would describe this album.  "Joe and I instinctually took different paths lyrically, yet there are many parallels to be found. Love and hate, technology and AI, time and space, hope and despair. It helps to give the album a continuity and... Read More

Meet Our Feature Artist For March | Sahxl


Sara O

Sydney's based artist Sahxl, at just 18 is on track to become "bigger than The Kid Laroi". Recently mentioned on Spotify's A1 show, describing Sahxl as 'inspiring' and predicting him to be 'even bigger than The Kid Laroi'. He has also secured his spot in Spotify playlists New Music Fridays, Local Hype alongside a feature on Apple Music's Up Next and New Music Daily Playlist, not to mention a recent shoutout... Read More



Sara O

Business and Creator accounts can now schedule posts! This helpful new feature can schedule a post up to 10 days in advance via the web upload page. Creators can also check their scheduled posts on both the web version and the app version of TikTok. This new feature is easy to use, just follow the simple instructions below! Step 1: Log into in a browser Step 2: Click the post upload icon at the top of your feed Step 3: After uploading a video, you can toggle the... Read More

Our Feature Album for March | Eden Altman ‘Eastward’


Sara O

Eastward is the latest self titled project from Melbourne artist, Eden Altman aka Eastward (EstWrd). His recent successes have landed him on New Music Daily! Eastward’s organic touch is rich with vinyl-esq beats, percussion, acoustic guitar and funky bass. Throughout his music, Eastward often opens up a portal to a psychedelic web of retro-future collage that gently blends the foreign with the familiar. As per his pseudonym, Eastward persuades his listeners to... Read More