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Spotify Canvas Guide


GYROstream HQ

A guide to help you GET NOTICED and express your individuality within the Spotify App. As of today Spotify will be making its Canvas application available to ALL GYROstream artists. Regularly seen on larger artist profiles, Spotify Canvas is the in-app video feature helping larger artists bring their release artwork to life. When Spotify users visit the ‘Now Playing’ page via their mobiles, the screen explodes into life via a full length, looping video. Since its selective... Read More

Introducing Spotify Promo Cards


GYROstream HQ

In a bid to sharpen their online branding and shareability, Spotify have launched Promo Cards. From today users and creators can develop personalised assets for use on their promotional channels and social media. For Artists, there are currently 3 types of Promo Cards users can create; artists, track or album. Where can I access this? Spotify have built a new site - Head over to Who can access this? Anyone... Artists, managers, label... Read More

Our Feature Album for October| DVNA's 'All My Friends'


Sophie Bright

DVNA's debut album 'All My Friends' is our feature album this month at GYROstream.  Gold Coast songstress, DVNA (pronounced Da-na) delivers her new debut album 'All My Friends' up on a silver platter, an introspective and relatable 9 track EP that explores the perfect balance of sass, soul and shimmery soundcapes. The talented Dana Lowrey self-recorded and self-produced these tracks at her home, giving us a deep dive into her personal... Read More

Tune In to Listeners with NEW SoundCloud Radio & Mobile Insights



Reinventing radio as we know it, SCA and SoundCloud have partnered up to launch their new platform, SoundCloud Radio. First of its kind, the new station will make finding your new favourite song that much easier - just think of all the time saved! SoundCloud Radio allows new and under-the-radar artists to be discovered and streamed to a wide-ranging audience across Australia. Listeners are able to stream the new station via Amazon Echo or Apple HomePod, DAB+ in the car, on radio apps... Read More

Our Feature Album for August| Grace Turner 'Half Truths'


Sophie Bright

Grace Turner’s debut album ‘Half Truths’ is our feature album this month at GYROstream.   The Alt-folk singer is a Newcastle native and this new album comes off the back of a slew of singles, all which have been well received in the music community. This songstress played at SXSW in 2019, standing out in a crowded genre with her raw vocals and mesmerising stage presence. The 6 tracks explore an emotional journey with themes of inner conflict and relationship power... Read More