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How to Get Your Music on iTunes and Spotify



Choosing the Best Digital Distributor Want to sell music online, get a fan base and get noticed? That’s where digital distribution comes in. But what is independent music distribution? Digital distribution companies are the link between you - the artist or record label- and the big streaming platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Shazam and Pandora. How to distribute my music? 1.Go Direct You could create a label or artist account with each of the platforms and distribute... Read More

Use It, Don’t Lose It On Tour - Vocal Management Tips



Going on tour? Your voice is your gift and your living. Touring musicians have seen all the highs and lows associated with singing and vocal problems. Here are some tips to follow.   Before you go Choose the right singing teacher to train your vocal style and correct technical problems at the outset. A classical teacher won’t suit a rock musician. Be a vocal athlete - everything you eat and drink, including recreational drugs or smoking, affects your... Read More

How Can I Sell My Music Online?



Every indie artist has the opportunity to promote and publish their music online. All it takes is a bit of research to get your music on iTunes and Spotify. Independent music distribution:The Facts Individual artists and groups can’t upload directly to Spotify but through indie music distribution companies your music can be available to a global audience. There are digital distribution companies called aggregators like GYROstream,  which champions Australian and New... Read More

The Power Of GIPHY



We’ve all seen GIFs on social media -a series of images or soundless videos that loop continuously. They’re an instant, visual way to show an idea or a reaction, and everyone loves sharing them. If you’ve used a GIF before, chances are it’s from GIPHY - the internet’s largest collection of image files.   So, how can musicians use GIPHY? For musicians, GIFs can be a powerful marketing tool to engage your fans and give them a real insight into you... Read More

Meet Your August Feature Artists | BIG CREATURE


Tracy Wilson

Pop funk powerhouse, BIG CREATURE, is our big feature artist for August. Their release ‘WORK’, the 2018 electronic love child of Prince and Michael Jackson, skewers the culture of self-obsession via technology but does it so smoothly, you just want to dance anyway. Eighties drum samples, guitar and synth are the funky underscore for the deliciously acerbic lyrics.     At the opposite end of the musical spectrum is ‘ESC’, with shimmering swells of... Read More