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Meet Your July Feature Artists | KWAME



Our feature artist for July is none other than Kwame - if you haven't heard his name yet, that's about to change. Since his first upload to Triple J Unearthed in 2017, Sydney-based rapper Kwame has been blowing people away with his bouncy beats and slick bars. His latest hit, 'WOW', has garnered him attention nation-wide - and for a good reason. 'WOW', released onto Triple J Unearthed back in February this year, features catchy, hard-hitting... Read More

IGTV - How Musicians Can Benefit


Alice White

Instagram has fast become one of the best marketing tools for musicians - artists can boost their awareness, strengthen their brand and connect with their audiences all from one platform. Now, there's a new Instagram tool that allows musicians to share even more content with their audience - IGTV. IGTV is a new feature that allows content creators to share videos up to an hour long - provided they're vertical to fit the standard phone screen (1920px x 1080px). IGTV gives musicians... Read More

Learn Spotify's Latest Crucial Artist Tool - Instagram Story Posts


Martin McConnell

Spotify has quickly become one of the most versatile online marketing tools an artist can have at their disposal. From letting your fans know about upcoming shows, to helping you sell merchandise with their seamless integration inside the app, it’s no surprise that they are remaining on the cutting edge, now adding yet another game-changing feature. Instagram stories are hugely popular to keep fans updated in either your day-to-day life, or just what’s going on with you, and now... Read More

Youtube Monetisation



What is Youtube Monetisation? Get paid when other people use YOUR music in THEIR videos, automatically. Huh, sounds like sorcery? How does that work? It’s a fancy system called Youtube Content ID. We deliver your song to Youtube, which is then analysed by a high-tech algorithm that can recognise every time somebody uses YOUR song as the background music when they upload their newest cat video. Cool, so how does that make me money? When Content ID matches... Read More

Funding Your Music Project - The Importance of Grants


Kristy Gostelow

Let’s face it, finding the money to invest in your music can be stressful; however what many artists don't realise is that there are local, state and federal grant programs available to help. From creating new work, attending professional development opportunities, to touring your music, there is a funding program to suit. You just need to know where to look and how to get started. Where to look Start with your local council. Head to their website and research the grant programs... Read More