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Youtube Monetisation



What is Youtube Monetisation? Get paid when other people use YOUR music in THEIR videos, automatically. Huh, sounds like sorcery? How does that work? It’s a fancy system called Youtube Content ID. We deliver your song to Youtube, which is then analysed by a high-tech algorithm that can recognise every time somebody uses YOUR song as the background music when they upload their newest cat video. Cool, so how does that make me money? When Content ID matches... Read More

Funding Your Music Project - The Importance of Grants


Kristy Gostelow

Let’s face it, finding the money to invest in your music can be stressful; however what many artists don't realise is that there are local, state and federal grant programs available to help. From creating new work, attending professional development opportunities, to touring your music, there is a funding program to suit. You just need to know where to look and how to get started. Where to look Start with your local council. Head to their website and research the grant programs... Read More

Spotted. Get your weekly playlist fix right HERE.



Discovering and listening to music has never been easier thanks to streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube to name just a few. But with so much new music released every single day, it can be hard to find what’s right for you. To help clear the noise and point you in the right direction, our team of music wizzes have been racking their brains, working tirelessly to create the perfect set of playlists, packed with a bunch of stellar... Read More

Meet Your May Feature Artist... FRITZ



Our May feature artist is none other than Newcastle's penultimate prom queen, FRITZ. One thing is for certain, FRITZ fights fire with fire in the video for her latest single, 'Biggest Fool In The World'.  'Biggest Fool In The World' video was directed by FRITZ (Tilly Murphy) and features a rather mean-spirited Joab Eastley (of RAAVE TAPES), as well as cameos from some of The Steel City's finest young talent. Channeling classic school dance vibes akin to... Read More

Meet Your June Feature Artists | SHAG ROCK



There's no denying. WE LOVE SHAG ROCK. The Brisbane boys have been absolutely killing it lately. They just wrapped up a regional QLD tour with The Rubens and Tia Gostelow and they're just about to release their new single 'Double Life' as well as embarking on an East Coast Headline tour. We're pretty chuffed to welcome them to the family as our JUNE feature artists.  We caught up with the band to find out a bit more about them ahead of their upcoming tour. So... Read More