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How to Pitch Your Music to Websites


Lauren Blake

Pitching your music to premiere on a blog might seem like a simple task, but with the seemingly infinite number of music blogs dominating the internet, it can be difficult to be heard above the noise. The following tips will help you put your best foot forward when pitching to music blogs.  Understand premieres  In most cases, a premiere means a blog will exclusively embed, write about and share a song or video before it is featured elsewhere. While it’s fine to pitch a... Read More

How to create a Spotify Pre-Save (for FREE)



What is a pre-save link? A link that artists can give to their followers to allow them to save the song in Spotify before release date. This doesn’t mean that they have access to the song before release date, it simply means, come release day the song will be automatically saved in your Spotify library. Why is it important? Your pre-save link can be shared with your fans across all your socials, building hype for the release. Come release day, people will be prepped to get... Read More

Meet Our Feature Artist For June | Dream Dali



As we now head past the halfway mark for the year, we're happy to announce our feature artist for June is the enigmatic new musical project Dream Dali. Beginning as a solo project, Dream Dali recently returned to his home to Australia after extended time spent in Berlin where the project came to fruition. Having cultivated the unique soundscape that is the Dream Dali,  the solo artist returned home to expand the project into a full live band, currently based in... Read More

All About GYROstream's Artist Services



Did you know that here at GYROstream, we offer many more services than just distribution? We have built a network of industry partners and resources to help you get the most out of your music. Keep on reading to find out more about our artist services and how to access them!   Accessing the ‘Artist Services’ page 1. Log onto your GYROstream account - if you don’t already have one, it’s free to sign up and takes less than a minute! 2. On your Music... Read More

How Artists Can Access The Lyrics Feature On Instagram Stories



We all love the music feature on Instagram Stories but the platform's latest update sees a whole new level of music sharing. Last week, Instagram added a new feature that allows users to add lyrics to the music in Instagram Stories! When you distrubute with GYROstream, we'll get your music delivered to the Instagram story library. To utilise the exciting new lyrics feature, artists must first upload their lyrics to the online platform Musixmatch, by becoming... Read More