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Meet Marco, your GYROstream feature artist for December



Say hello to Brisbane's newest pop music prodigy, Marco. He's just graduated high school an already Marco is kicking goals all over the music world. Recently releasing his single 'Running' Marco landed on 10 Spotify New Music Friday playlists around the world and now has over 500,000 streams on the track. It was also added to triple j Unearthed rotation.  By combining natural sounds with simple yet graceful electronic production, Marco creates atmospheric beauty through... Read More

How To Become A Verified Artist On Genius



How To Become A Verified Artist On Genius Are lyrics important to you? Whether the song contains a one word chorus or the fruitful life story of a charismatic traveller, learn how to verify your lyrics on Genius. Read on to get a run down of how it can improve fan engagement and how to sign up.   What is Genius music? Genius music is the platform Apple Music and Spotify use to get lyrics into their applications. However strongly about your lyrics as an artist, making use of this... Read More

GYROstream expands distribution to Yandex Music


Kurt Boldy

  The team at GYROstream continue to expand their reach to parts of the world where major services such as Spotify are yet to launch. ‘Yandex Music’ is a music streaming platform providing music from all over the world to Russia and neighbouring countries. It is the product of parent company, Yandex, a multinational corporation offering a wide variety of internet services. The predominant functions are it’s search engine, emailing and the maps app (sounds a bit... Read More

GYROservice - GYRO PR


Liam Murphy

Here at GYROstream, we offer a range of high quality PR services to artists everywhere. Each service caters to artists of different genres and popularity. Our current clients include a range of upcoming artists such as Kwame, Kymie, DIET, Fritz and Split Feed. We also cater campaigns for festivals, working with the likes of This That, Shakafest, The Mountain Goat Valley Crawl, Live at the Foreshore and Scene & Heard. PR Lite The PR Lite campaign is designed to aid and expand... Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Youtube's New Feature, 'Premieres'


Liam Murphy

Recently, Youtube unveiled yet another new feature for their users known as 'Premieres'. A fresh way to upload content to your channel, 'Premieres' will allow to further engage fans personally by watching a new video together. Below you can see how it would look, with the live chat on the right side of the screen. Fans can pay to have their messages appear up the top and be highlighted with the Super Chat sub-feature. When uploading a video to Youtube, you... Read More