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Get across the new Spotify feature - Personalised Editorial Playlist Sharing -


Viv Mellish

Firstly, if you’re not already signed up to your Spotify for Artists page… we highly recommend you get into it right now! It’s an amazing tool for finding out more about your audience on Spotify. If you’re already onto it, then read on about this incredible new feature that launched today. Spotify playlists are a top tool for musicians to get their music heard by people that might not usually listen to them. The Spotify editorial team makes thousands of playlists... Read More

How To Get Your Music Out There With Instagram Stories


Gyrostream PR

  400 million. That’s about how many people engage with and use Instagram Stories EVERY DAY. Earlier last year Instagram added a feature to Stories that allowed users to put a song onto any story, and allow them to clip the specific part of the track they want to use. It allows users to further convey what they’re trying to get across in their story, and also promotes artists’ music. Through artists’ own stories they can use this feature to promote shows,... Read More

5 Simple Things Artists Can Do To Optimise Their Facebook Page



In our age of technology, every musician knows having a Facebook page is essential. It’s a way for your fans to connect with you online and stay up-to-date with what you’re doing. What most artists don’t think about, however, is how to make sure their Facebook page is making the best first impression - because it will probably be the only time your fans check your Facebook page. Although it sounds strange, once your fans have clicked ‘like’ or... Read More

One Simple Way To Expand Your Number of YouTube Subscribers


Liam Murphy

By creating a ‘shortened automatic subscription link’ you can automate your youtube channel growth. Then share it in specific places. By automating your life in the world of technology, things become a lot easier and more time efficient. This leaves you way more time for things like creating music, rather than spending precious energy going back and forth across media platforms. Being a musician in the modern age is not the easiest thing to balance with other demands, so to... Read More

Using Instagram's 'Countdowns' Effectively


Liam Murphy

Currently, Instagram doesn’t offer a wealth of tools and features that can improve an artists experience on it’s program. But recently, that’s started to change with the introduction of the Countdown sticker. Found in the sticker section when editing an image or video being added to your story, Countdown is pretty self explanatory in offering a timer that can be used as many times as you like before it expires. This can be a great way to garner hype around almost any... Read More