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Our Feature EP for September - Elko Fields '4:44'



As we cruise into the tail end of the year, we deliver to you our Feature EP for September with Elko Fields’ 4:44, a juicy conglomerate of dark blues and garage influenced rock’n’roll. Fronted by mastermind Kella Vee, Elko Fields are a Brisbane rock powerhouse that delve into the depths of unorthodox riffs, dynamic structure and sincere vulnerability. 4:44 is the sophomore EP for Elko Fields, and with the help of Grammy winning producer Nick Didia (Pearl Jam, Powderfinger),... Read More

Our Feature Artist For September - Chela



Hot on the heels of the release of her recent single ‘Heart O’ Hearts’ our September feature artist Chela, the tangerine haired alt-pop princess, has sprung back into the limelight.  Since bursting onto the scene in 2012 with her single ‘Full Moon’, Chela has hit strength after strength with her next release ‘Romanticise’ sitting on over five million Spotify streams. Her success has carried her to collaborations with Banoffee, Paces,... Read More

GYROstream's Mastering Service



High quality mastering can be hard to find if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. It’s an important finishing step of the recording process, and one that should be scrutinised, as mastering creates the master copy that all listeners will hear for the rest of the song’s existence (unless it gets RE-mastered). GYROstream offers a mastering service, where we provide affordable packages with leading digital mastering studio TEMPUS to get your tracks primed for... Read More

Top 5 Places to List Your Gigs Online



Want to promote your shows but don’t know where to start? We’ve compiled a list of the 5 best places to list your gigs.  Songkick There is a lot to get excited about when it comes to Songkick. This platform allows live music fans to track the movements of their favourite artists conveniently from the palm of their hands. Songkick is connected to Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, Soundcloud and Shazam, sending alerts and gig information to its 15 million worldwide subscribers.... Read More

Our Feature Album for August - The Jensens 'Hyacinth Haze'



Jump into our feature album for this month, the debut LP from one of Brisbane’s most beloved rockers The Jensens. After the success of their previous EPs Everybody Talks (2016) and Sexless (2017), The Jensens have been hyping their debut album with a selection of cuts; the effervescent 'Coma', the psychedelic 'Mt. Mura', and the soothing 'Four Chambers’.  Diving into the remaining tracks on the daring project, the defiant disco hit ‘Slur’... Read More