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Get To Know Our First Feature Album | Ragged 'Love In Your Hands'



Brandishing a groove that is undeniably cheerful, New Zealand five-piece Ragged’s long-awaited debut album Love In Your Hands is nothing short of reggae rock bliss. No wonder it’s been chosen as our feature album for April! Blending elements of reggae, rock, and pop, Love in Your Hands intimately explores the themes of lust, love and loss over eight diverse tracks. Taking audiences on a dynamic and atmospheric adventure, their soulful melodies float seamlessly over sonorous... Read More

Meet Our Feature Artist For April | DVNA



DVNA (pronounced Dar-na) is our feature artist for April. Like a mojito on a hot Summer's day, her new single 'Looking Like a Snack' is cool, calm and utterly refreshing. DVNA is a sassy, bold and intriguing project born within the depths of a Gold Coast bedroom in early 2017. It was inspired by the determination to single handedly fulfil her greatest musical desires through her own production.   Making bold moves with her debut... Read More

Getting Amazon Music’s Alexa To Follow You And Why


Liam Murphy

Amazon Music may be flying slightly under the radar in the streaming world, lingering in the giant shadows of Spotify and Apple Music, but they’re making moves that highlights them as a strong competitor. Their biggest introduction has been Alexa, a virtual assistant along the lines of Google Home that is capable of a multitude of things. Recently, Alexa has gained the ability to give ‘new release notifications’ for artists that users follow on Amazon Music. One... Read More

Get across the new Spotify feature - Personalised Editorial Playlist Sharing -


Viv Mellish

Firstly, if you’re not already signed up to your Spotify for Artists page… we highly recommend you get into it right now! It’s an amazing tool for finding out more about your audience on Spotify. If you’re already onto it, then read on about this incredible new feature that launched today. Spotify playlists are a top tool for musicians to get their music heard by people that might not usually listen to them. The Spotify editorial team makes thousands of playlists... Read More

How To Get Your Music Out There With Instagram Stories


Gyrostream PR

  400 million. That’s about how many people engage with and use Instagram Stories EVERY DAY. Earlier last year Instagram added a feature to Stories that allowed users to put a song onto any story, and allow them to clip the specific part of the track they want to use. It allows users to further convey what they’re trying to get across in their story, and also promotes artists’ music. Through artists’ own stories they can use this feature to promote shows,... Read More